Version Update Sneak Peak (7-9)  

In addition to the hoards of adjustments and new content promised thus far, the fast-approaching July version update will boast numerous overall improvements including an upgrade to the /bell command added this past April and scrumptious new synthesis recipes that will leave streets drenched in adventurer drool.

More Bells and Whistles for the /bell Command!

The /bell command added in the April version update will be expanded to allow two full octaves, including sharp and flat notes, to be played. From full-scale hand bell orchestras at Vana'dielian weddings to solo performances of your favorite tunes on street corners, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Enhanced Ebisu Fishing Rods!

The ebisu fishing rod, looked upon by many as the mythic weapon of the angler community, is set to be on the receiving end of a potent upgrade. From the July version update onwards, wielders of this mighty king among fishing rods can expect an even bigger haul after a day at their favorite fishing spot.

Curry Favor with Curry Buns!

In response to popular demand from fans at the official 2008 festival event in Japan, it is with great pleasure that we announce "curry buns" as one of the latest additions to the diverse food synthesis menu. Be sure to pack a few in your gobbiebag before you head off on that next big adventure!

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