Tier 4 (Bestiary Unlock Guide)  

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  1. Black Crag
    1. Basilisk
    2. Basilisk (2)
    3. Basilisk (3)
    4. Bat, Giant
    5. Giant
    6. Gnoblar
    7. Goblin
    8. Goblin (2)
    9. Orc
    10. Slimehound
    11. Snotling
    12. Troll
    13. Troll (2)
    14. Troll, Stone
    15. Wyvern
  2. Caledor
    1. Boar
    2. Dark Elf
    3. High Elf
    4. Hydra
    5. Liche
    6. Manticore
    7. Scorpion, Giant
  3. Chaos Wastes
    1. Bat, Giant (2)
    2. Beastman, Bestigor
    3. Beastman, Bray Shaman
    4. Bloodletter of Khorne
    5. Bloodletter of Khorne (2)
    6. Chaos
    7. Chaos Spawn, Daemonvine
    8. Chaos Spawn, Daemonvine (2)
    9. Daemonette of Slaanesh
    10. Empire
    11. Firewyrm of Tzeentch
    12. Flamer of Tzeentch
    13. Juggernaut of Khorne
    14. Lord of Change
    15. Nurgling
    16. Plaguebearer
    17. Screamer of Tzeentch
    18. Screamer of Tzeentch (2)
    19. Spirit Host
    20. Wraith
    21. Wight
    22. Zombie
  4. Cinderfall
    1. Basilisk (4)
    2. Ghoul
    3. Skeleton
    4. Zombie (2)
  5. Death Peak
    1. Ghoul (2)
    2. Wight (2)
    3. Winged Nightmare
    4. Wyvern (2)
  6. Dragonwake
    1. Beastman, Doombull
    2. Daemonette of Slaanesh (2)
    3. Dark Elf, Sorcerer
    4. Boar (2)
  7. Eataine
    1. Dark Elf, Sorcerer (2)
    2. Great Eagle
    3. Flamer of Tzeentch (2)
    4. Griffon
    5. Harpy
    6. Harpy (2)
    7. High Elf
    8. Tree Kin
    9. Tuskgor
    10. Tuskgor (2)
  8. Isle of the Dead
    1. Chaos Fury
    2. Living Armor
  9. Kadrin Valley
    1. Bear
    2. Beastman, Gor
    3. Dwarf
    4. Dwarf (2)
    5. Dwarf, Slayer
    6. Dwarf, Slayer (2)
    7. Empire (2)
    8. Giant (2)
    9. Lizard, Giant
    10. Nurgling (2)
    11. Rat Ogre
    12. Troll, Stone (2)
  10. Praag
    1. Bear (2)
    2. Bear (3)
    3. Beastman, Gor (2)
    4. Beastman, Ungor
    5. Great Cat
    6. Giant, Chaos
    7. Chaos Mutant
    8. Chaos Spawn
    9. Empire, Warrior Priest
    10. Hound
    11. Skaven
    12. Tuskgor (3)
    13. Warhawk
    14. Wolf
    15. Wraith (2)
  11. Reikland
    1. Chaos (2)
    2. Empire (3)
    3. Giant (3)
    4. Great Cat (2)
    5. Hound (2)
    6. Spirit Host (2)
    7. Wolf (2)
  12. Thunder Mountain
    1. Ogre, Bull
    2. Dragon
    3. Drakk Cultist
    4. Drakk Cultist (2)
    5. Giant (4)
    6. Spider, Giant
    7. Spider, Giant (2)
    8. Horror of Tzeentch
    9. Humans-Unknown
    10. Rhinox
  13. West Praag
    1. Centigor
    2. Chaos Spawn, Daemonvine (3)
    3. Hound (3)

Black Crag


Cave of Stone
Enter the Sulfur Caves @ NW corner of the map.
Title - The Rock

Basilisk (2)

It's in the Bag
(D) Kill 6 Young Basilisks N of the Ch16 quest hub. Then go back to the hub and talk to Gubs hiding by the fence in the N part of the hub.
(O) 40k, 38k. Pick-up Duregar's pack located in or around the burnt down huts. Return the bag to Duregar Bronzemug at the Dwarf CH21 camp. Bag respawns instantly, somewhere in the area.
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Basilisk (3)

Scales of Mourning
Find Stinky in the back of the Sulfur Caves (NW Corner of the map). Also needed for a Destruction quest.
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Bat, Giant

In the Dark of Day
Kill a Pit Bat at the Bat Hollow, W of Greenskin Ch15 (D) camp.
Bestial Tactic Fragment


Giant Amongst Giants
36, 53. There are 3 named giants, Ufgor is a L40+ champ. Kill him.
Giant Tactic Fragment


Mixed Company
(O) 40, 12k. Burnmaw Tower. Run through the camp with Ogres and Gnoblars. (D) See entry in HIGH PASS below.
Title - The Bully


Complete a Greenskin Scenario
Win a Howling Forge scenario. This scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - The Avenging Brewer

Goblin (2)

The History of the Goblins
36, 60. Click on the Hidden Scroll located in a cave. Enter the cave and follow the path to 39.5, 61. Go to the base of the big rock column coming down from the ceiling and find the scroll between 2 mushroom stocks.
Title - Grot's Doom


Complete an Greenskin Scenario Win a Howling Forge scenario. This scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - The Mangler


An Easy Trail to Follow
29, 29k. Examine the Slimehound Remains to get the unlock. The remains are just to the left of the cave entrance behind some bushes.
Title - Slime-Trodder


Relish the Relics
63, 56. In the cave Cliffrunners Den, enter the last big room before the orc champ spawn. There is the L41 named snotling Hoarding Burrower in the corner to your right. Snotling will drop Relic Sword of Verena which must be right clicked for the unlock. Drop rate is not %100, 10min repop.
Greenskin Tactic Fragment


Rock in the Maw of Darkness
6.5, 24k THEN ---> 1.3, 24.5k. Kill Rockmaw, Lvl31 mob found in Despair Pit, to the N. The mob is found outside and later inside the Despair Pits. First, kill it outside the cave and then venture into the cave where he spawns in the back. Kill him there for the unlock. Spawn repop between the two mobs is short, if not instant. Only the inside killing is necessary for the unlock, but you may need to kill him outside to get him to spawn inside.
Giant Tactic Fragment

Troll (2)

Prescribed Flesh
Kill Stonegullet Trolls in the Despair Pits (middle of W border) to receive Troll Flesh. Automatically gave me unlock.
Giant Tactic Fragment

Troll, Stone

Enter the Despair Pits (middle of W border). In the N end of the cave, there's something on the ground that you can interact with called Drul's Lunch. Interacting with it gives you a text saying you could poison it. Go to the S end of the cave & kill Skittering Spiders to get a Poison Gland. Then interact with Drul's Lunch to get the unlock.
Giant Tactic Fragment


Lets See What This is For
19, 9.5. First you kill a Rustspatter Squig, a L32 mob and get the item Fresh Meat. Then go E to 21k, 9.5k and place the meat in the Wyvern Trap. You will get the unlock. NOTE: a L37 Wyvern will spawn but you don't have to kill it.
Item - Fullbelly's Lucky Foot



Pork Chop
Kill Wyrmstone Chargers outside the DE camp in the SW, and loot the item Lean Boar Meat. Inspect this to get the unlock.
Can also be unlocked in DRAGONWAKE below.
Item - The Deep Oaths

Dark Elf

Complete a Dark Elf Scenario
Win a Caledor Woods Scenario. Scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - Ulthuan's Avenger

High Elf

The History of the High Elves
38,30 . Click on the Hidden Scroll located next to backbone of the dragon skeleton.
Title - Isha's Lament


Who Let That Thing Out
Deathclaw Hydra, a Lvl 40 Champ. Kill it. (D) DIRECTIONS: Mob patrols with 2 DE guards that are neutral to (D). Start in Dragonwake warcamp and go W to enter Caledor through a small pass in the SW area of Dragonwake. Then, go W following the road until you come to a tunnel. Go through the tunnel and head down the hill/road until you come to the (O) camp. Hug the outside wall of the (O) Ch22 camp and go to the back and jump down to the road. Now mount up and head N to 10k, 37k. If the hydra isn't there, just wait. It will be.
Title - Hydra Tamer


For the Promise of Power
32, 22k. E of the (D) Warcamp against a hill between two waterfalls is a Mound of Dirt. Click on it to get the Scepter of Maggots, then click on the scepter in your inventory. Finally, click the mound again for the unlock. NOTE: For (O) you'll need to come from the RvR lake, hug the hill to avoid the hero packs and drop down.
Bestial Token


Don't Look Up
17k, 37k. Martikhoras, a Lvl40 Champ is flying so DO look up! Kill it. (D) DIRECTIONS: See above entry for Hydra (Deathclaw). The Manticore is flying, but occasionally he will land on the side of the mountain and you can then pull him.
Bestial Token

Scorpion, Giant

Stick the Sticker
1) Brightmoon Forest N of (O) ch21. Kill Crushclaw. He drops a Giant Scorpion Stinger.
2) 44k, 6k Kill Firestrike to finish the unlock and get the reward.
If this doesn't work, try killing them in the opposite order.
It appears that in order to purchase The Obdurate Seal, you must also complete the "Pinch to Grow an Inch" unlock in THE BLIGHTED ISLE. Reward
Item - The Obdurate Seal

Chaos Wastes

Bat, Giant (2)

Not Available in Any Stores
45, 3. Kill Deathwing, a L40 champ. It flies up near the ceiling at the back of the Caverns of Terror (15min repop). Drops Deathwing's Fangs, but not every time. Right click for the unlock.
Item - Hapless Ha'penny

Beastman, Bestigor

Nacht to Dread
(O) CHAOS WASTES @ 56, 20k. Max out Kill Collector Harald Nacht at (O) Chp 22 Camp by killing Dreadhorn Beastigors at the The Fall of Night PQ.
Chaotic Tactic Fragment

Beastman, Bray Shaman

Bigger Bray to Make Your Day
56, 25.5k. Kill Kratkar the L40-41 non-champ. He's a few feet off the W side of the road. If he's not up (5 minute respawn), there may be a Dreadhorn Shaman L40 non-champ there instead. I got the unlock for killing Kratkor, a friend got the unlock for killing the shaman later that day. Mob also pops up on the side of the cliff E of the road, so look all around the Gor areas, not just the W side of the road.
(D) must kill Kratkor, as the Beastmen are all friendly.
Bestial Token

Bloodletter of Khorne

Key to Success
1: 38.5k, 12.5k kill Mikhail the Profane (or just talk to him, if you're (D)) from the Gone but not Forgotten unlock. When you kill him you will receive a Talisman Key. It will automatically go to your inventory.
2: 60k, 33k there is a Battered Strongbox at the Reaping Field PQ E of the Empire Warcamp. It may be hard to see initially, somewhat hidden behind a bush at the back end of the PQ near the hills. Clicking on the Strongbox will spawn Cihtym, a L39 Champ (if you are Order. Destruction players will recieve a Skull item that they must click to spawn the Champ). Either way, kill it.
Destruction players will not have to kill Mihkail, only talk to him. Reward
Bestial Token

Bloodletter of Khorne (2)

Battered but not Forgotten
(O) 38.7k 12.7k. Near the pile of rubble for the "Immoveable Object" title is a magus (Mikhail The Profane)that you can tab target. This has been hotfixed a couple of times. He should be spawning above ground now.
Title - The Sanguinary


Complete a Chaos Scenario
Win a Maw of Madness Scenario. Scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - The Sentinel of Sanity

Chaos Spawn, Daemonvine

Cutting Bonds
This unlock has two parts. But it has been confirmed to work without doing Step 1. 1. CHAOS WASTES @ 11, 14k to 22, 20k. Along the road, W side, there is a pile of dirt or something that's interactable, and gives you an item called Sacrificial Kris.
2. WEST PRAAG @ 46, 8k. Near the farm shack there is a single Daemonvine spawn. Kill it with the kris in your inventory and you receive the unlock.
Pocket Item - Putrid Flower

Chaos Spawn, Daemonvine (2)

Hide and Seek
(D) Listen to the sad story of Anya Gerrad near the (D) Ch15 camp. Head down the road, past the Wight area till the road curves and you see some Daemonettes, Chaosfuries and Plaguebearers to your left. She's hiding beside the road in the bushes. Stay close and listen for the unlock. NOTE: Empirical Proof also has random locations within N breach. I found it among some bushes inside the city streets.
(O) 50k, 61k Find Xavian Gerrad. Listen to his chatter and you get the unlock. Confirmed to work for some and not for others. May be bugged, or need an initial first trigger.
Title - The Weed Whacker

Daemonette of Slaanesh

Song and Dance
(D) 15.6k, 31k or 15.5k, 40k. Kill Eidih the Helator.
(O) Accept the quest Breaking Point from Hewitt. Turn this quest in to Karl the Chaste @ 61, 53 and accept the next part. After killing 15 Daemonettes of Slaanesh turn this part in and receive a quest to kill Bloodsong. Bloodsong will spawn near the bottom of the hill and run up to you. Kill her for the unlock.
Title - The Chaste


The History of the Empire
23, 10. Click on the Hidden Scroll located behind the NE stone pillar right by the BO Flag.
Title - The Anarchist

Firewyrm of Tzeentch

Insane in the Membrane
22k, 52k. Kill the Corrupt Spawn, a Lvl39 champ. You have to go down into a ravine just E of the The Tower of Awakening PQ. After killing it you get a message that you pull a scale out of the beast. Look in your regular inventory for the scale, has the icon of a talisman. Right-click it a few times, after the first time a new one popped up and after the 2nd click a 3rd scale popped up so just keep clicking till you get the unlock.
Title - The Insane

Flamer of Tzeentch

Hot Deal
(D) 48, 6.5. Talk to Soulflame, a L41 named mob.
Title - The Banisher

Juggernaut of Khorne

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
40k, 15k or 42k, 16k. Face the friendly Rhinox: Unbound Mastodon. Stand on the mob and face west. Their is a pile of rubble in the corner behind the wall. Click on it. BONUS: You also get a "Juggernaut of Khorne" encounter unlock.
Title - The Immovable Object

Lord of Change

I Spy With My Eye
64, 29. Up on the side of the mt is the Eye of Change (looks like a blue gem on the ground). Click it for the unlock. To get to it, go around the S of the mountain range, then up the backside and then drop down on it.
Title - Scion of Anarchy


No End to the Oozing
17.5, 46.5k or 18.5, 38k Kill Corpulent Nurglings just NE of the (D) Ch16 camp. They drop Nurgling Ooze Sample. Collect 20 and you'll get the unlock. Look for green slime on the floor, you're in the right place.
Daemonic Tactic Fragment


Organ Grinder
43k, 55k. Kill Grotesque Plaguebearers and there is a chance you will receive an item in your inventory called Pestilent Organ. Inspect this to get the unlock. NOTE: It took roughly 100 kills for a drop. There is no chat message saying you go the drop. Best to check your inventory after every kill.
Or see entry in HIGH PASS. Reward
Item - Cytheril

Screamer of Tzeentch

Puddles of Points
12k, 55.5k. Unlocked it after stepping into an area filled with Screamers.
Title - The Screamer Seeker

Screamer of Tzeentch (2)

Poke'm if You Got'em
5k, 25k. Kill Vilemaw, a Lvl33 champ Screamer who roams across the water just SE of the Lonely Tower PQ.
Cloak - Cape of the Screamer

Spirit Host

Higher Caliber of Soul
(O) 41k, 57.5k Kill Vilesoul, a Lvl38 champ spirit host.
Undead Tactic Fragment


The Best Secrets Are Worth Dying For
42, 63.5. Click the Obscure Rock on the ground, and a named Wraith will spawn. Kill it, then inspect Ma'leeng's Journal for the unlock. NOTE: You will need to do some mountain climbing to get there.
Title - The Intractable


Dead Weight
8, 2k or 6.5, 1.5k. NE of Deathchill, Chaos Ch15. Kill Brimdall Yggdreidar. He's L1, so he just needs a good whack. Also see the entry in DEATH PEAK below.
Title - King Slayer


The Family That Dies Together
SW of the The Tower of Awakening PQ, you'll reach a broken down house with named creatures inside: Tomas Spolfinkr, Croetch Spolfinkr, Papa Spolfinkr and Annabelle Spolfinkr. Killing them all gave the unlock.
Undead Tactic Fragment


Basilisk (4)

No Reflection of Your Skill
35, 34k. Across the lava there is a skeleton Komnor Bronzemug. Click it and read, "The statue before you is incredible life-like, and highly detailed. The oddest feature is the cracked mirror that you pry from the statues fingers." Right clicking on the mirror to make the basilisk Bale Gaze appear. Kill this L37 mob for the unlock. You can climb up the mt @ 46.5, 41k and then work your way through it.
Item - Wordbreaker Band


Finger Licking Good
(D) 54k 43k. Deathflame Ghouls are in Cinderfall. Max the Kill Collector @ Da Scrapin Camp for the unlock. NOTE: I killed 80 Ghouls and got the unlock. You can probably kill less. As you kill them the ghouls are being counted as Zombies but unlock a Ghoul tome entry. NOTE: There appears to be a lvl requirement for the kill collector. (O) Flamepicked Ghouls for the Kill Collector on the Order (ch 18) side. The Destruction side ghouls will also count towards this.
Undead Tactic Fragment


Coin of the Trade
64k 50k. Inside the cave. You need two different skulls for the unlock. You're looking for De-Animated Human Skeleton, De-Animated Dwarven Skeleton, or De-Animated Elven Skeleton. 1. @ 59.5, 11k --->Undead Dwarf Skull- In the cave, up the ramp to the left, close to a goblin and some piping. 2. @ 57, 57k --->Undead Elven Skull- at entrance to cave with 4 vultures in (D) zone. 3. @ 64, 50k--->Undead Human Skull- in first room with ogre and bright wizards inside. NOTE: To PURCHASE Torment, one must complete the "Bones Have Names Too" unlock in OSTLAND. Reward
Item - Torment

Zombie (2)

Kill Wulgrig, a lvl36 mob spawns in the N cave, that you trigger by interacting with a Pile of Rocks found one level below the main level of this cave.
Destruction players cannot interact with the pile of rocks, but the zombie should spawn if you run around the area for a bit. Reward
Undead Tactic Fragment

Death Peak

Ghoul (2)

9.6k, 36k. Kill Pisacha the Rank.
Item - Strife

Wight (2)

Dead Weight
3.2k, 10k. Kill Seno Cirrus at the end of the tunnel. Also see Chaos Wastes above.
Title - King Slayer

Winged Nightmare

Clip its Wings
11k, 12k. Kill Terrorwing.
Title - The Dreamstealer

Wyvern (2)

In the Wild
3k, 45k. Find Damaged Wyvern Egg in the back of the cave, in a small room.
Title - The Wyvern Watcher


Beastman, Doombull

Grab the Bull By the Horn
(D) 65, 30k. Near the border to Eataine there's a small waterfall about 20 yards from 3 rocks, on big one and 2 small ones on the one side. Next to the small rocks are a pile of bones. Interact with it to spawn a L34 Doombull. Kill it to get the title. The unlock is timed, so kill him quickly!
Title - Cairn Breaker

Daemonette of Slaanesh (2)

Sacrifice Over Excess
15k, 9k. Find a book. Click it and a daemonette will spawn, after I clicked the book 10 times and killed her 10 times an item dropped called Icy Heart with the quest tag: "cold to the touch, the daemonic matter emanates the promise of blissful corruption. Such evil can only be undone at the source." Take the item to the Altar of Broken Flesh in CHAOS WASTES @ 54k, 16.5k. If you are having trouble getting her to spawn, try summoning your mount on top of the book.
Item - Moon Fang

Dark Elf, Sorcerer

What do We Have Here?
21.4, 32.5. Click on theHidden Scroll S of the Mournfire's Approach BO, within some rocks.
Pocket Item - Foul Scroll

Boar (2)

Pork Chop
60, 18. N of the HE Ch16 camp kill Savage Charger, and loot the item Lean Boar Meat. Inspect this to get the unlock.
Can also be unlocked in CALEDOR above.
Item - The Deep Oaths


Dark Elf, Sorcerer (2)

The History of the Dark Elves
30, 36. Click on the 'Hidden Scroll' located near a building, next to 3 barrels.
Title - Lion Guard

Great Eagle

46k, 60k. Kill a champ eagle called Ironfeather located in the SE, S of Shrine of Lileath, on a little rock. Slow spawn.
Item - Gorkamork

Flamer of Tzeentch (2)

Hot Deal
(O) Return the Mote of Change to Aialye Lynsellia @ the HE Ch16 Hub. The Mote of Change has to chance to drop from any Flamer, but I received it from an Unbound Flamer in the Chaos Wastes. It also drops from Kruk'tar the Drunken in Nordland. Reward
Title - The Banisher


The Mightiest
(D) 52k, 63k. Kill Grimwing, a champ griffon in the SE, S of Shrine of Lileath.
(O) Talk to the NPC.
Title - The Magestic


Their Heart's Not in it, Yet.
(D) Kill Broken or Tormented harpies at an area S of the Blind Justice PQ until they drop a Harpy Heart. Deliver this to the Healer NPC in the DE Ch21 camp. The drop might take a while, I killed about 50 of them before the drop. BONUS: Click the Shrine of Asuryan NW of these mobs for a lore unlock!
(O) Deliver heart to the healer located in Caledor Ch21--49, 21k.
Item - Wind of Change

Harpy (2)

Silent Star
32k, 13k. Look to the skies for Khaligrar Bloodwing. It may be necessary to pull this mob while it is airborn to get the unlock.
Chaotic Tactic Fragment

High Elf

Complete a High Elf Scenario
Win a Blood of the Black Cairn Scenario. Scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - Scourge of the Asur

Tree Kin

49k, 63k.. Vanquish Irebough Mossroot, a Lvl40 Hero that patrols S of Lilithorn Estate.
Bestial Token


Saving Face
(O) Gather Unchipped Tusks by killing Ravaging Tuskgors. There may be a problem with this drop related to server resets (similar to the Purple Horror issue). If you are trying to get the item and not having luck, try coming back right after a server reset. (D) See entry in HIGH PASS.
Chaotic Tactic Fragment

Tuskgor (2)

Tusk For Tusk
14k, 10.5k. Kill the champion Riptusk.
Chaotic Tactic Fragment

Isle of the Dead

Chaos Fury

On Wings, but Not Quite Angels
36k, 5k. Kill Ylger'oz the Demented, a Lvl35 champ that spawns @ 36k, 5k and can pat all the way down to 41k, 32k, perhaps even farther. He is on a 5 min respawn. Best bet is to kill him while on the way to his spawn (if you see him) and then camp him there. The item you are looking for is called Concentrated Evil. Kill him until it drops and go sell it to a merchant for the unlock.
Bestial Token

Living Armor

Anyone Have a Can Opener?
Kill Living Armors at the Ritual of Metal till you get the unlock. Some people have done it in 10 kills, others 36. Keep trying.
Title - The Armor Breaker

Kadrin Valley


Sharpen Your Knives
5k, 14.6k. Kill Thag Bolgar. He's at the back of a place in between the mountains, behind a camp filled with zealots.
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Beastman, Gor

For The Greater Gor
27k, 20k just W of the PVP Objective lies Yarrgan the Fiendish. Kill it.
Chaotic Tactic Fragment


Complete a Dwarf Scenario
Win a Gromril Crossing Scenario. Scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - Foe of the Dawi

Dwarf (2)

The History of the Dwarfs
34.5, 7. Click on the 'Hidden Scroll' NE of the northernmost BO, behind some rocks.
Title - Forgebreaker

Dwarf, Slayer

Look Out Below!
29, 40k. Up on the bridge there's a barrel of tools, right click for unlock.
Manly Tactic Fragment

Dwarf, Slayer (2)

Looking for Trouble
(O) 58, 50k. Talk to Argnus Rockskull. (D) Kill the stunty!
Oathstone of Karaz-a-Karak

Empire (2)

Complete an Empire Scenario
Win a Gromril Crossing Scenario. Scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - Foe of the Dawi

Giant (2)

Brutal Nose Ring
34k 28k. Kill Vragi the Brute. Drops Giant Nosering. Right clicking object gives the unlock. It took roughly 5 kills for the drop.
Or see REIKLAND entry. Reward
Giant Tactic Fragment

Lizard, Giant

Hunger Pangs
(D) Max out the Kill Collector in Greenskin ch. 21. Requires 60 kills. (O) See entry in TROLL COUNTRY below.
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Nurgling (2)

Say Hello to My Little Friends
(D) 40.5, 25. Kill Vlasi Ipatiev, a L40 Hero human N of Greenskins Ch22 sitting at the edge of the cliff.
Daemonic Tactic Fragment

Rat Ogre

To the Death
(D) 57k, 39k. Kill Burrow Champion, up a ramp inside the cave. He is a champion, summons 3 skaven at 20% health, and is on a 10 minute repop.
Title - The Scarred

Troll, Stone (2)

Diamond in the Rough
31, 25k. Kill Boulder Chukkas to get the drop: Consumed Rough Diamond. Right click it to get the unlock.
Item - Bloodied Fracture


Bear (2)

Getting Ahead
58k, 18k. Kill Deadmaul, a Lvl36 champ bear inside a cave.
Pocket Item - Deathmaw Paw

Bear (3)

Heading for Profit
(D) Kill Ursun Bears at the Ursun's Den (middle of E map border) to get a Deadmaul's Paw. Sell this to a merchant for unlock.
(O) 59k, 19k. Go straight to the source, and kill Deadmaul. Reward
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Beastman, Gor (2)

For the Greater Gor
(D) 7k, 18k. Kill Drahamesh, a L40 Hero. Mob does not hit hard. (O) See entry in KADRIN VALLEY above.
Chaotic Tactic Fragment

Beastman, Ungor

7k, 28k. Kill Grentic the Thick-Headed, a named Ungor at the W border of Praag. Exact loc might vary a bit in that area.
Item - Writhing Shackles

Great Cat

A Run for Rolf
(D) Southern Breach, Ch19, max the Kill Collector.
(O) See the entry in HIGH PASS above. Reward
Title - The Clawed

Giant, Chaos

What's Inside is What Counts
(O) 58k, 10k. Kill chaos giant Geral the Dim to receive a Mote of Zzangal'Nes Nalanel, and then talk to Aialye Lynsellia in Eataine. (D) Kill the giant and take the item to Kraglorn the Maker (Gor shaman guy) @ 46.5k, 44k in WEST PRAAG.
Title - The Unflinching

Chaos Mutant

Leader of the Lost
16k, 13k. Kill Calvin Lankdorf, a Lvl38 mob. Mob may roam, have a log spawn time, or spawn at multiple locations. Killing Mutated Peasants seems to trigger his spawn. The Peasants are friendly to (D) players, so they must rely on Order being in the area killing the peasants.
Bestial Token

Chaos Spawn

Empirical Proof
13k, 1k. A book called Third Journal of Lliean spawns near the first (D) PQ Gates of Praag. Find it E of town where Sasha Michailov is. The Third Journal might also spawn on the opposite side of Sasha Michailov (near his most E spawn point, near the Griffon couriers) behind a building.
Item - One Tusk

Empire, Warrior Priest

What do We Have Here?
35, 58. Click on the Hidden Scroll to get the unlock.
Pocket Item - Thumb Unguent


Picky Eater
(D)Talk to the to the guard with a hound near him at chaos Ch19 to receive an empty bag. Kill horses until you obtain a fresh meat, then return to the guard to receive the reward.
(O)Talk to the Hungry Hound behind the tent with the rally master in Ch17. He gives you an empty bag. Kill Warpwind Night Runners near the tunnel @ 8.5, 64k to get fresh meat. Return to the hound afterward to give them their 'lovely' meal.
Bestial Tactic Fragment


Dead Eye
8k,62k. Kill Thashrak Bloodeye, a Lvl35 champ found inside the Skaven tunnels.
Pocket Item - Barbed Whip

Tuskgor (3)

Tough Meat
5k, 20k. Kill Bloodcharge
or 18k, 15k. Kill Scythetusk

Pocket Item - Gorducken


Well Watched Weaklings
58k, 50k. There are 4 L36 Snowperch Fledglings at this spot. Kill 1 of them and the Hero Snowperch Matriarch will spawn. Kill her for the unlock.
Bestial Tactic Fragment


Picking Up The Pieces
(O) Kill Winter Wolfs and max out the Kill Collector in the Ch20 (O) camp in Chaos Waste. Best place to kill wolves is actually on the road on the border between Praag/Chaos along the (O) road.
Cloak - Hunter Master's Pelt

Wraith (2)

Soul Catcher
22k, 53k. There is a mob under the waterfall named Gloomveil. Kill it.
Item - Foserain


Chaos (2)

The History of the servants of Chaos
17, 64. Click on the 'Hidden Scroll' located between 2 piles of wood.
Title - Foe of the Dark Gods

Empire (3)

Complete an Empire Scenario
Win a Reikland Hills Scenario. Scenario unlocks when the zone becomes contested.
Title - Man Hunter

Giant (3)

Brutal Nose Ring
45k, 27k. Just NE of the Chaos Warcamp there is a short path leading below the bridge to Chaos Ch. 20. Take the path under the bridge and you'll see Uglik, a L39 Champ. Kill him and examine the Giant Nosering for the unlock.
Or see entry in KADRIN VALLEY.
Giant Tactic Fragment

Great Cat (2)

Not So Great Any More
2k, 18k. Kill Grinya, a lvl38 non-champ cat W of road on the mountain.
or 59k, 19k. Kill Bloodmane.
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Hound (2)

Dog Catcher
46k, 37k . There is a Pet Trap (just S of Chaos Ch21 camp). Use it to get unlock. Bonus: Look a bit to the W when standing at the pet trap and you'll see a Forgotten Box that you can use to get a little hidden quest.
Pocket Item - Dog Whistle

Spirit Host (2)

Worth the Waiting For
12, 44. Attack Mabel Riess. a R31 champ. She turns into a Spirit Host. Kill it for the unlock. NOTE: Probably only spawns at night in-game. Mob roams from point shown to 10, 46. She sits down at each point to whine about Alexi Gaertner standing her up, and then moves along.
Undead Tactic Fragment

Wolf (2)

Fall Fur Fashions
(O) Collect five Fine Wolf Pelts to finish the kill request from Multan the Huntsman in the (O) Ch15 town. It is an uncommon drop from Reik and Lynsk Wolves.
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Thunder Mountain

Ogre, Bull

You Going to Eat That?
48k, 54k. Clicking on the Cauldron will give you a piece of meat. Right-click it to get the unlock.
Item - Fated Veil


All That Remains
1.5k, 21k. Top of the mt between the two roads crossing into Cinderfall, probably easiest to climb up to this point from the S road. The Broken Axe Sindri Cragborn is a clickable item on ground.
Title - Fireborn

Drakk Cultist

Hard to be a leader
17k, 5k. Kill a Drakk Cultist in NW Thunder Mt. Any Cultist up there should do. Just keep killing until you get it. Or click the Drakk Altar inside the cultist cave for the unlock.
Manly Tactic Fragment

Drakk Cultist (2)

Where the Blood Flows
20k, 7k. Click the Cultist Altar at the very end of Dragon Breath Cave.
Title - The Harrier

Giant (4)

X Marks the Spot
Left of the merchant in the Dwarf Ch18 town, click the barrel of Bugman's XXXXXX for the unlock.
Pocket Item - Barrel of Ale

Spider, Giant

Big Identity Crisis
24k, 49k or 22k, 47k. Kill Graelba, a lvl35 named spider next to the road between Greenskin Ch18 and the Greenskin warcamp.
Bestial Tactic Fragment

Spider, Giant (2)

Sacking for Sacs
43, 7.5. Kill the Magma Crawlers until you get 5 Arachnid Poison Sacs. Low drop rate. To PURCHASE Crow Caller Chain, you must also complete the "Fast Finds" unlock in NORDLAND.
Item - Crow Caller Chain.

Horror of Tzeentch

What Horrifies Horrors?
(O) 18k, 13k. Kill horrors on top of that mountain to get the drop An Odd Doll you can use for the unlock. Location is up the mountain on the S side, right across the Dwarf Ch18 town. Drop rate is very low.
Daemonic Tactic Fragment


The Sentinel of Sanity
18k, 13k. Interact with a mound of skulls called Changing Shrine found directly across the road from Dwarf Ch18 town. You need to traverse the spider spawns and head up the mountain across the road from the camp. There is a champ patroller next to the mound, friendly to (D) given the imaginative name Mysterious Champion. The mound has been reported to be buggy, and may require a trigger of some kind.


Dense & Denser
50, 55k. Click on the Rhinox Bonepile in the lava. This is very close to the cauldron for the Bull Ogre unlock.
Title - The Rhinox Rocker

West Praag


Good to the Last Drop
43.5k, 45k. Click the Noxious Ale and use it in your inventory to get the unlock. It's by the big rock across the river, on the ground. Long respawn.
Title - The Unruly

Chaos Spawn, Daemonvine (3)

Cutting Bonds
(D) 46k, 6k. Go N of the Chasing Shadows PQ (N border of map). Xavian's Pride is near a house. The mob either has a long respawn timer or only spawns near the end of the hour. Killing it gave the unlock, although the tome unlock says you need a certain weapon. If I'm not mistaken this is also what the NPC in Chaos Wastes talks about for the Hide and Seek unlocks. NOTE: You find a Sacrificial Kris in a mound of dirt in Chaos Wastes. It says "Gerrad Farmstead, West Praag" on it. That must be the weapon, but I guess you don't need it. And yeah, it is related to the Hide and Seek NPCs (Anya Gerrad for D and Xavian Gerrad for O).
Pocket Item - Putrid Flower

Hound (3)

Dog Gone Crazy
31, 21. There are three Lost Hounds wandering here. Killing one gives the unlock.
Giant Tactic Fragment

Warhammer Online

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