The Truth Behind Tranquility (Defiance Pursuit)  

Quick Facts
Season One
Mount Tam
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The Truth Behind Tranquility

Description "There's a lot of rumors going around about the community that used to be in Mount Tam. The truth may never be found. At least not until someone is fool enough to sift through the rubble to find it. From what I've heard, I hope that never happens."
- Captain Noah Grant, E-Rep Officer
  • Find the data recorder: "My Name is Ara"
  • Find the data recorder: "Gut Check"
  • Find the data recorder: "The Conspiracy"
  • Find the data recorder: "The Assassination of Toruku"

Contents [hide]

"My Name is Ara"

At Serenity Academy, 2nd floor of the destroyed building in the middle.

"Gut Check"

On the ground behind a Mutant truck at Muir Gate.

"The Conspiracy"

At KTAM Power inside the first building.

"The Assassination of Toruku"

Inside the building at Serenity Power.

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