The Blighted Isle Starter Guide (Order)  

The Blighted Isle is the starting area for Dark Elves and High Elves and the northern part of the Tier 1 conflict zone for the High Elves vs Dark Elves war.

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The Blighted Isle starting area is different than in the other areas, as you have both Order AND Destruction starting in the same zone! This makes it rather interesting when adventuring, as you will appear at times to be able to cross over to the enemies territory quite easily, only to be stopped by impassable cliffs. Take care in noticing where you adventure, as it can be a long way around if you have to go back the way you came. The size of the zone isn't significantly different than others, but the complexity of the two sides makes it appear that way.

The general landscape of The Blighted Isle is one of hills, valleys, and a large cliff system that runs right down the middle of the zone from North to South. The western half belongs to the Dark Elves, while the eastern half is the area you are able to explore when starting out as a High Elf. The terrain is rather annoying in this divide, as you will often try to reach the western half but fail to do so. This guide is here to tell you right away to not bother with crossing over to the other side!

For Order you start out in the upper center of the zone on a high cliff that is partly surrounded by ocean, safe from most of the immediate predators that grow proportionality more dangerous the farther south you explore. Fortunately, The Blighted Isle is relatively linear, much like many of the other starting areas, in that there are only a few alternate routes you can choose from. The most annoying area you'll encounter when exploring is between the central-eastern city of Adunei and Lacorith. There are many quests that take you down to the bottom of the nearby cliff, forcing you to walk quite a ways several times to get back up to these cities, especially Lacorith.

Be cautious about adventuring near the southern island where the Battlefield Objectives are located. Adventuring too far across the river channel into Destruction territory might net you a quick death. To exit the zone into Zone:Chrace] for Order, the Southeast is the direction you'll want to go.


(Directions based on the Order half of the zone)








You'll be able to advance through the starting zone fairly quickly, just stay away from the southern island, at least until level 7 or 8. Your most efficient route of leveling will be in a southern direction. Most of your leveling will be in the central area of your half of the zone.

  • Creature Level 1-2: Northwest (starting area)
  • Creature Level 2-3: Northeast
  • Creature Level 4-5: Central
  • Creature Level 4-6: Southwest
  • Creature Level 4-9: South
    • (4-5 located in the Southwest half, 6-9 on the Eastern beachhead)

  • Creature Level 6-9: Southeast

Quest NPCs: 40-45 spread out over the entire zone, except for most of the far southeast area. There are a few just before crossing over into Chrace.


Public Quests: 5 total that are spread north to south. You will want to participate in the PQs in the following order:

House Arkaneth (Order, High Elf, Chapter 1)

The spires of a mighty Black Ark tower above the coastal town of Narthain as hordes of deadly Dark Elf warriors make ready to disembark. Along the base of the massive vessel, a black wave of Corsair ships lies at anchor, waiting for the signal to discharge their own bloodthirsty cargo upon the shore.

The defenders of Narthain must find some way to stop the Dark Elf advance, or the town will surely be lost!

  • Stage 1: Guards and Shades Slain
  • Stage 2: Shining Guard Crewmen Slain
  • Stage 3: Scornlash

Thanalorn Forest (Order, High Elf, Chapter 2)

Within the sacred groves of Thanalorn Forest, the Dark Elves have set up a small headquarters for their advancing Shades. Though the Forest Spirits fought bravely in an attempt to repel the invading forces they were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of Dark Elves that stormed Thanalorn.

The forest floor is littered with the corpses of charred Dryads, while the vicious Dark Elves have taken to torturing the surviving Forest Spirits for amusement. Any attempt to drive the Dark Elves out of Thanalorn must begin with the rescue of the imprisoned Forest Spirits.

  • Stage 1: Kill Uthorin Forces
  • Stage 2: Free the Crippled Dryads
  • Stage 3: Kill Felgrith the Arson

The Swale of Miralei (Order, High Elf, Chapter 2)

Dark Elf Beastmasters are leading the march through the swale, leaving a swathe of destruction in their wake. Their cruelty knows no bounds as they use the lash and the whip to encourage their beasts to root out the hidden High Elves. Each High Elf that falls becomes fodder for the army of beasts.

Now, the brutality of the Beastmasters extends far beyond their own conquered animals; it now extends to their own kin.

  • Stage 1: Harpies and Cold Ones
  • Stage 2: Beastermasters Killed
  • Stage 3: Beast Lord Revarok

The Forlorn Isle (Order, High Elf, Chapter 2)

When the great Elven hero Ulrien passed, his Scepter was taken to a shrine on the Forlorn Isle and interred. The Scepter was hidden away with the stipulation that its power was only to be used when times were most dire. More than five hundred years have passed since that day, with the Scepter lying undisturbed, guarded all these long years by the spirits of Ulrien and his ancestors.

Today, the Dark Elves have located the ancient shrine and discovered the power hidden within the ancient Scepter. Lord Uthorin would like nothing better than to use this ancient artifact against the High Elves. He has sent one of his most trusted Sorceresses to turn the spirits, so that they might steal this precious artifact.

The Sorceress must be stopped, lest the powerful artifact fall into the hands of House Uthorin and the Dark Elves.

  • Stage 1: Kill Corrupted Dryads
  • Stage 2: Stones Released
  • Stage 3: Kill Kharvena the Corrupter

Ruins of Erraneth (Order, High Elf, Chapter 3)

The white stones of the Ruins of Erraneth flash in the rays of the sun; their stark whiteness a jarring contrast to the verdant canopy of thorny brambles and twisted vines that have overgrown the once-proud temple. The ruins are a faceless reminder of a bygone age - an age of intrigue, betrayal, and bloodshed.

From deep within the overgrown building, a thin tendril of smoke trails lazily into the sky, announcing the return of life to the once-abandoned shrine. Once a temple devoted to Khaine, the Elven god of Murder, Erraneth was mistakenly thought by the High Elves to have been destroyed during the Sundering. It seems enough of the temple remained for the Dark Elves to seek it out. For what reason they have done so remains to be seen, but it stands to reason it is unlikely to be a mission for the good of the High Elves.

  • Stage 1: Kill Bloodfueled Devotees
  • Stage 2: Bloodfueled Hag
  • Stage 3: Kill Lilith Avorax


Battlefield Objectives: 2 total, both on the southern island. You will want to participate in the BOs in the following order:

House of Lorendyth (BO - Order, High Elf, Warcamp)

The Noble House of Lorendyth, tasked with watching over the Altar of Khaine for centuries, has been decimated by the determined sorties of the Dark Elves. Down to their last few troops, the Nobles have retreated into their ancestral home to regroup and plan their counterattack against the superior forces of their traitorous cousins.

It seems the Dark Elves are not so willing to allow the House of Lorendyth time to recover. In retreat, House Lorendyth's troops were followed by scores of blood-maddened Dark Elves, unwilling to let their ancient enemies escape so easily.

The Altar of Khaine (BO - Order, High Elf, Warcamp)

There are few locations in Ulthuan more important to the history of the Elven races than the Altar of Khaine. Here, the ancient weapon of Aenarion has lain for centuries, hidden on a remote island in order to limit the sword's influence on passerby. The cursed blade calls to any who come near it with promises of ultimate power. In return, all the weapon asks is that the wielder spill blood on the field of battle. But, the sword's deal is a fool's bargain. The blade's hunger for blood cannot be assuaged and the wielder is ultimately consumed by the weapon's hunger.

The Widowmaker would be a dreadful weapon in the hands of anyone that would dare draw it from the Altar.

The High Elves would never dream of bringing the curse of Aenarion down upon themselves by giving into the temptation of wielding his blade. But the Dark Elves are unhindered by such self-discipline. The children of Malekith must be kept away from the Blade Shrine at all costs.

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