The Blighted Isle Starter Guide (Destruction)  

The Blighted Isle is the starting area for Dark Elves and High Elves and the northern part of the Tier 1 conflict zone for the High Elves vs Dark Elves war.

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The Blighted Isle starting area is different than in the other areas, as you have both Order AND Destruction starting in the same zone! This makes it rather interesting when adventuring, as you will appear at times to be able to cross over to the enemies territory quite easily, only to be stopped by impassable cliffs. Take care in noticing where you adventure, as it can be a long way around if you have to go back the way you came. The size of the zone isn't significantly different, but the complexity of the two sides makes it appear that way.

The general landscape of The Blighted Isle is one of hills, valleys, and a large cliff system that runs right down the middle of the zone from North to South. The eastern half is the High Elf areas, where the western half is the actual area you are able to explore when starting out as a Dark Elf. The terrain is rather annoying in this divide, as you will often try to reach the eastern half but fail to do so. This guide is here to tell you right away, don't bother with crossing over to the other side right away!

For Destruction you start out in the northwest of the zone on a high cliff that is partly surrounded by ocean, safe from most of the immediate predators that grow proportionality more dangerous the farther south you explore. Similar to Destruction, Order starts out in the north but on the eastern side. Fortunately, The Blighted Isle is relatively linear, much like many of the other starting areas, in that there are not many alternate routes you can choose to get lost. Fortunately for Destruction, this side of the zone is even less complicated than Order's.

Be cautious when adventuring near the southern island, where the Battlefield Objectives are located. Adventuring too far across the river channel into enemy territory might net you a quick death. To exit the zone into Chrace for Destruction, the Southwest is the direction to go, and Southeast for those starting as a High Elf.







You'll be able to advance through the starting zone fairly quickly whether you are Destruction or Order, just stay away from the southern island, at least until level 7 or 8. Your most efficient route of leveling will be in a southern direction towards that island. Most of your leveling will be in the central area of your side's half of the zone.

  • Creature Level 1-3: North (starting area)
  • Creature Level 3-6: Central
  • Creature Level 7-9: South & Southeast

Quest NPCs for each side: 30-35 spread out over the entire zone, except for the northeast and far southeast areas.


Public Quests: 6 total that are mostly concentrated in the southern area. You will want to participate in the PQs in the following order:

Spires of Narthain (Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 1)

The Tower of Narthain has weathered the long years since its creation without complaint, the flawless white marble still reflecting the morning sunlight as it did countless centuries ago. Rising high above the spires of the coastal town, it was from the tower of Narthain that the only warning came, and that much too late.

Archmage Sorilanys now holds the tower against the Dark Elf forces streaming into the Blighted Isle. With the tower guards so quickly overwhelmed and cut off from the town's defenders, Solrilanys had little choice but to seal the entrances to the tower and deal with the invaders herself.

  • Stage 1: Kill Narthain Soldiers
  • Stage 2: Narthain Sun Mage
  • Stage 3: Sunlathir

Mistwood Grove (Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 2)

Having successfully taken Greywind Point, the Dark Elves of House Uthorin continue their southern push into the Blighted Isle. The town of Nimosar, south of Lake Minarhain, has been selected as the next High Elf bastion to fall. All that lay between them and their next goal lays Mistwood, a dense pocket of forest whose denizens will not stand idly by while the invaders scourge the land.

Initial Dark Elf incursions into Mistwood have only served to anger the spirits who dwell within, and as the main force of House Uthorin approaches, all of the Mistwood rouses to repel those who have forsaken their ancient trust.

  • Stage 1: Spites
  • Stage 2: Venombough Dryads
  • Stage 3: Branchwraith Ylrisae

Nimosar (Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 2)

The town of Nimosar is well positioned in the center of the Blighted Isle. The people are no stranger to the encroaching forces of the Dark Elves and are usually the front line of defense against their murderous raids. The town has adequate defenses and soldiers ready to strike back against the Dark Elf invaders. But this attack is no small raid for captives. The sturdy defenses of Nimosar will soon be put to the test.

  • Stage 1: Nimosar Defenders
  • Stage 2: Braziers destroyed
  • Stage 3: Erinas Songblade

The Watchtower (Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 2)

This is but one of hundreds of watchtowers that have been built in all the lands the High Elves have visited. These ancient towers are used to provide early warning of attack and now they are put to the test. The Archmage high atop the Watchtower channels a spell in effort to send early warning to Lothern of the Dark Elf assault. If she can get the message out to the rest of Ulthuan, the chances of repelling the invasion are greatly increased, but the brunt of the Dark Elf attack force is pressing in around the tower, focused on its destruction.

  • Stage 1: Adepts slain
  • Stage 2: Conduits Placed
  • Stage 3: Archmage Lithorial

Dreamshade Forest (Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 3)

The Dark Elf army is en route to Chrace through the Dreamshade Forest at the southern tip of the Blighted Isle.

The Shadow-walker of legend that has led the defense of the Blighted Isle against countless Corsair invasions over the past millennia knew the Druchii would pass through here, and he managed to alert the White Lions of Chrace of the imminent danger. Together they have mounted a careful defense in the Dreamshade Forest.

As it turns out these dark woods will be the final showdown on the Blighted Isle. Here the Dark Elves face their greatest challenge yet. They must find way to overcome both the Shadow Warriors prowess with sword and stealth, as well as the White Lions masterful technique for hunting prey.

  • Stage 1: Dreamshade Ambushers
  • Stage 2: Dreamshade Stalkers
  • Stage 3: Guardian Beron

Golden Tor (Destruction, Dark Elf, Chapter 3)

The Eagles of Golden Tor have long been allies of the High Elves who patrol the border between Chrace and the Blighted Isle. In times past they have served as warriors, couriers and even mounts, defending Ulthuan from those who would take what does not belong to them.

  • Stage 1: Goldenwing Fliers
  • Stage 2: Goldenwing Eggs Destroyed
  • Stage 3: Queen L'thil


Battlefield Objectives: 2 total, concentrated in the Northeast mountains. You will want to participate in the BOs in the following order:

House of Lorendyth (BO - Destruction, Dark Elf, Warcamp)

The Noble House of Lorendyth, tasked with watching over the Altar of Khaine for centuries, has been decimated by the determined sorties of the Dark Elves. Down to their last few troops, the Nobles have retreated into their ancestral home to regroup and plan their counterattack against the superior forces of their traitorous cousins.

It seems the Dark Elves are not so willing to allow the House of Lorendyth time to recover. In retreat, House Lorendyth's troops were followed by scores of blood-maddened Dark Elves, unwilling to let their ancient enemies escape so easily.

The Altar of Khaine (BO - Destruction, Dark Elf, Warcamp)

There are few locations in Ulthuan more important to the history of the Elven races than the Altar of Khaine. Here, the ancient weapon of Aenarion has lain for centuries, hidden on a remote island in order to limit the sword's influence on passerby. The cursed blade calls to any who come near it with promises of ultimate power. In return, all the weapon asks is that the wielder spill blood on the field of battle. But, the sword's deal is a fool's bargain. The blade's hunger for blood cannot be assuaged and the wielder is ultimately consumed by the weapon's hunger.

The Widowmaker would be a dreadful weapon in the hands of anyone that would dare draw it from the Altar.

The High Elves would never dream of bringing the curse of Aenarion down upon themselves by giving into the temptation of wielding his blade. But the Dark Elves are unhindered by such self-discipline. The children of Malekith must be kept away from the Blade Shrine at all costs.

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