SWG Guide Jabba's Theme Park - a walkthrough for the NGE  

Jabba's Theme Park - a walkthrough for the NGE

BikerKid wrote:

Jabba�s Theme Park � Post NGE

All players will have to complete this. Even if you have already done it Pre NGE�

SOE: Please fix the following bugs with this mission series:

There are no Valarians at the following Waypoint: -4292 New Note: Apparently this will be fixed on the Dec 7th fix

Part 1: Reelo Baruk

Quest Received: Jabba�s Palace: Reelo: Level 18
Rewards: 4590 Quest XP, 50 Jabba faction, 750cr, Plus a bonus 350 Jabba Faction.
Kill 10 Alkharan Bandits -4275 5km away. Once you have killed 10, return to Reelo Baruk -6172.
He will next send you to kill 11 Valarian Thugs next @ -4292. The waypoint given did not have any Valarian when I went there, so I looked for Valarian else where, and headed back to the Valarian Camp from the previous mission �Valarian Smugglers Depot� -3440, and slaughtered the lot for a laugh�. Valarian Depot Swoopers etc all work� Return to Reelo once you�ve had your fill�
Reelo will send you to kill 12 Valarian Thugs at the same location� Probably won�t work again, and I couldn�t be bothered to find out, so I headed back to the Valarian Smugglers Depot -3440.
After you have hack down 12 Valarians in their prime, head back to Reelo.. This will complete the mission.

Part 2: Ree Yees

Quest Received: Jabba�s Palace: Ree Yees: Level 18
Rewards: 4590 Quest XP, 75 Jabba Faction, 850cr, + Stolen Ring, plus a 300 Jabba Faction bonus.
Once more you are sent to kill Valarian at -4292.. Don�t even bother.. Head to �Valarian Smugglers Depot� -3440 instead..
Once you kill enough Valarian to find the missing item, Ree Yees contacts you via COMM and tells you to find another missing object, so kill more Valarian till that one�s found. Ree Yees will again contact you via COMM and send you to the Sennex compound to find another missing item�
Go to the Sennex Compound 1268 and kill Sennex CL20, �till your quest updates, and sends you back to see Ree Yees�
Speak with Ree Yees to complete the Quest.

Part 3: Ephant Mon

Quest Received: Jabba's Palace: Ephant Mon: Level 19
Rewards: 6395 Quest XP, 150 Jabba Faction, 1150cr +
Positioning System
Head back to the Sennex Compound {again..} 1268 and Kill 16 Sennex Pirate. Once completed, Ephant Mon contacts you and tells you to kill 5 �Sennex Slavemasters� CL24 Specifically. Once done Ephant Mon tells you to kill�Sennex Guards� CL20 untill you obtain 9 Key-Chips. Once obtained, Ephant Mon once again contacts you and asks that you find the central computer and wipte it� Locate the computer: �Sennex Databank� 1343 and click it. Ephant Mon will ask you to return and speak to him, this will complete your quest..

Part 4: Porcellus
Quest Received: Jabba�s Palace: Porcellus: Level 19
Rewards: 5005 Quest XP, 50 Jabba Faction, 500cr, 450 Jabba Faction bonus + 1000cr bonus
Jabba�s dinner�.
Murder 14 Dune Lizards CL17 at 1908 for Jabbas Starter, the he will send you to kill 19 CL18 beetles at 5074 for the soup, Then kill CL18 21 Mountain Squills -87 for salad, Next is Kill 16 Dragonets CL24 1341 for main course, then Kill 1 Zucca Boar -6996 for desert, and then Kill 23 Valarians to steal their wine�Then finally head back and speak to Porcellus to complete the quest�

Part 5: Barada

Quest Received: Jabba�s Palace: Barada: Level 19,
Rewards: 5005 Quest XP, 100 Jabba Faction, 1250cr + Vehicle Customization Kit, plus 300 Jabba Faction + 100cr bonus
Kill any of the CL22-24 Valarians to get 10 dodgy parts. Then you have to kill just the named valarians to get 5 fuel cells, then More of the named ones to get 10 Dispersal tubes, then kill 14 random valarians, then return back to Barada to complete the quest..

Part 6: Bib Fortuna

Quest Received: Bib Fortuna
Rewards: 5005 Quest XP, 175 Jabba Faction, 1500cr, Boots
Go find and speak with Romo Vax -6560 to buy a disk from him.
He will then send you off to kill 10 Valarians -4292 (But we know there are none there, so carry on to -3440 to kill them).
Once you�ve killed 10 Valarian, Bib sends you back to Romo to get the disk�.The Waypoint you get is wrong though. The correct one is: -6560.
Speak with Romo. Romo should explain that the Valarians robbed him, and you should kill more to recover 7 disks.. Off you go again to Kill the Valarians� Kill the Valarians until you recover all 7 disks.
Return and speak to Romo to be sent speak with Bib� Bib will then get to work on the disk, and in the meantime, send you to kill 20 Slavers at the Sennex Compound 1268
Once you have killed the 20, Bib contacts you and lets you know that Romo is a spy, and you should kill him. Luckily, he�s in the compound your in�

This Should be fixed as follows on the Dec 7th fix:
Romo Vax will be actually called Romo Vax, and the waypoint will be corrected. He'll also spawn more frequently..
IMPORTANT: Nobro Okipi spawned at 1295 which was Romo in disguide apparently, Sennex use different names to conceal... Kill the named NPC at this location, and your quest should complete, and tell you to go back to the palace to speak with Bib.
This will complete your quest, and you can now speak with Jabba.

Part 7: Jabba the Hutt

Quest Received: Jabba the Hutt: Level 20
Rewards: 6945 Quest XP, 100 Jabba faction, 1850cr, + One of the following:
Powered Barrel
Fluctuator Kit
Locate Delrice Capreece CL22 -5027 and kill her�
Next kill her bodyguard, Tyrok CL22 -5542
Next kill her underling, Arkahn Greystar CL22 -2403
Next kill a slicer called Iris Tanada Sinclair CL22 -568
Next kill a tactician called Fnast Drexler CL22 -2852
Next kill a warlord called Careem CL22 -5686
Next kill an assasin called Emanon CL22 -5116
Return to Jabba to complete the quest

You will be awarded further credits, and are now free to wander the palace.

Jabba's Badge of Trust: Jabba's Theme Park Completed

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