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Why Play Runes of Magic?
While there are literally hundreds of Free-to-Play games available, this is the one you should try. Why? Because Runewalker has promised, from day one, that RoM would NEVER allow it to be turned into Pay-to-Win and they have kept that promise for over five years. Cash Shop items in RoM are for appearance, fun, or convenience only. They can help you level up a little faster and have more fun while doing it, but they will never give you an advantage over F2P players.

Current Events

Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy

Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms

Chapter IV: Lands of Despair

Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge

Wiki - Not just a job, it's an adventure!
Our very own Bludwyng is playing on Govinda and having a good time running around and collecting information. Quest Series pages are populated, at least with the names and sequences, into the middle of Savage Lands. Most quests are still red-links but quests, mobs and objects are filling in fast. We could really use your help!

Curse Network pulls the plug on RunesDB
If you go to the RunesDB url you get a splash informing you that Curse has stopped database support for Runes of Magic. You are further directed to see their RunesWiki for your needs. I took a look and must say it looks a tad anemic. Unfortunately for us, the players, they did not preserve the existing comments nor export them to the wiki, so all of that info is just gone. As a consequence we have removed the Other Resources link to RunesDB from our pages.

Farewell, RunesDB. Sorry to see you gone. On the bright side we do still have the BuffedDB (which seems to have mysteriously crashed tonight).

WTH? Minigames! Ancient Treasures
I was running around Sascilia Steppes last night on one of my newer alts and ran smack into a little camp and NPC I had never seen before. Of course I had to investigate!

RoM Adds New Server
I have not been in-game for a few months and logged in today to see the announcement of a new server! So, RoM continues to grow. Good, good! Everyone give a welcome to the new spanish-language server, Palenque!

According to that vast ocean of information, The Internet, "Palenque" means "palisade" in Spanish. It is also the name of a Mayan ruin in Mexico and the name of a tribe indigenous to Nicaragua and Honduras.

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Runes of Magic
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For New Members

If you are new to ZAM, welcome! And if you have been with us all along, welcome to you too. This is the top, or Main Page, of the Runes of Magic Wikibase™ here. I am your friendly neighborhood wiki-ferret, Bludwyng, and I am here to help you, the players, make this wiki into a resource for all RoM players.

Players helping players is what this wiki is all about, so don't be shy! I will do all I can to provide you with whatever tools you need to make this place look and feel exactly the way you want it to, but I can't do all the work myself.

By the way, I am a player, too, on Govinda, so be sure to say hi to me in-game on Bludwyng (M/W), Donal (R/S) or Elbehreth (Dr/Sc)! If you are on Govinda join the ZAMWiki chat channel!

Wiki News


  • 4/25 - When using {{RoM Coin|}} to display a price in diamonds the template will now show, in parentheses, a real-world value in dollars. This is based on the 1000d package price of $39.99 ($.0399/d) and does not, of course, take into account what may have been the actual price of your diamonds when you bought them. The intent is simply to make our players more aware of the actual price of the things you buy with your diamonds.
  • 3/30 - On all pages if RoMMob, RoMItem or RoMQuest is used to link to a page we do not have then (Rdb/Bfd) will appear after the link. These are a search link direct to RunesDB and Buffed database. If we do not have it we want to help you find it! Why both db's? Well, first we do not want to play favorites, but actually I have found that neither db is 100% complete, but between the two of them there is almost nothing I have not been able to locate.
  • 3/19 - Because the new default skin here is black text on a white background and Common quality items are white text, we have change Common to underlined black text so it will show up. Just be aware that the item colors are true to the in-game colors except for common, which is inverse.
  • 3/15 - I am making a pass through all the templates, updating and upgrading them both to look better on our new default skin and to make use of some wiki tools that were not around back when I originally wrote them.
  • 3/28 - New template: RoM Daily Quest, calls RoM Quest to do most of the work, but also adds some extra information just for Daily Quests.
  • 3/26 - I am debating whether we should have a Skill template or not. I am not sure a page for each and every individual Skill is worth it. Currently I am leaning towards pages like Category:Mage Skills that simply list the skills in a table.
  • 3/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day! RoM Item is done. Due to the complexity and the variables I am sure you will run into items that do not fit. When you do, upload a screenshot of the item window to the item page and pm me with the URL and I will make the template fit it asap. The same procedure applies to all the templates, but Item is the one most likely to be inadequate.
  • 3/15 - POI and Object are done, and Resource Nodes are handled by Object.
  • 3/14 - Templates for Quest, Mob and Zone are done. In the next few days I should get templates done for Object, POI, Resource and Item.

A Note of Thanks to the RoM Community
In all of the games I have played, I have never seen, day in and day out, a community of players so willing to help out new players. If you ask, they will come, or they will help you find someone that does have the time to help you get your update, or kill that named, or farm crystals in Forsaken Abbey, or whatever it is that you need. This experience has been amazing for me, and I just wanna let every one of you know, you rock. You totally do.

I would like to send a special thanks to my guild on Govinda, Tranquility.

-Bludwyng (a.k.a. Elbehreth, 51/46 Druid/Scout)
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