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Norsca is the starting area for Chaos and the northern part of the Tier 1 conflict zone for the Chaos vs Empire war.

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The general landscape of Norsca is one of dark forests with small cliffs dotting the landscape, all surrounded by mountains, except for the Southwest which leads to the ocean. It is a dark, mysterious and altogether depressing landscape. Perfect for a Destruction army to breed. The eastern half is the Empire dominated area, but to get to this you have to travel Southeast and around the mountains, so it's not too difficult to avoid if it you don't want trouble.

You start out in the North of the zone on a bluff that overlooks an island you have to cross to get to the southern areas. Naturally there is a cliff that runs right through the middle of this immediate starting area, so try not to get too frustrated right away at going around this frequently, as you'll soon pass it to more open areas. This is one of those zones that also is a bit more open overall, but still keeps enough focus on advancement through focused areas that you are able to explore a bit without worrying too much about running into way high level creatures, except for...

Be cautious when adventuring near the southern beachhead, where the Battlefield Objective is located. Adventuring around the mountains to the east of this beachhead may net you a quick death if you cross the Gotland Advance. After this advance you can head North freely, but will still encounter level 8-10 creatures. To exit the zone into Nordland, your next adventure zone, don't turn left (heading East) towards this area, but instead keep going South.








You'll be able to advance through the starting zone fairly quickly whether you are Destruction or Order, just stay away from the southern beachhead, at least until level 5 or 6. Your most efficient route of leveling will be in a southern direction towards that island. Most of your leveling will be in the central area of your side's half of the zone.

  • Creature Level 1-2: North (starting area)
  • Creature Level 4-5: Central & Southwest
  • Creature Level 6-9: South & Southeast
  • Creature Level 8-10: Northeast

Quest NPCs for each side: 30-35 concentrated in the North, Southeast and central areas.


Public Quests: 4 total that are concentrated in the central and Southwest areas. You will want to participate in the PQs in the following order:

Noted Order PQs: 3 total concentrated in the northeastern area:

Ruinous Powers (Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 1)

At Thorshafn, the Sorcerers of Tzeentch converge in a field to carry out a ritual of summoning. If the soldiers from the village cannot put a stop to the dark rite, a monstrous Daemon will be unleashed to wreak havoc upon town's defenders.

  • Stage 1: Thorshafn Militiamen
  • Stage 2: Harvest Souls from the Tombstones
  • Stage 3: Kar'thok the Bloodhowler

Destruction of the Weak (Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 2)

The survivors of the razing of Thorshafn have been driven to the forests, but still Tchar'zanek's army dogs their every move. Tired of running, the former residents of Thorshafn have decided to put their legendary prowess at woodcraft to the test. They will make their last stand here, in the woods they now call home.

Dislodging the insurgents will prove difficult for an army as large as the Chaos warhost. They will need to send smaller forces into the woods surrounding Thorshafn.

  • Stage 1: Refugee Fighters
  • Stage 2: Refugee Duelists
  • Stage 3: Tonas Jorgen

Holmsteinn Revisited (Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 2)

The village of Holmsteinn was destroyed by Tchar'zanek's army. Shortly afterward, scouts from the Army of Nordland began to use the ruins as a base of operations from which to spy on the Chaos warhost.

With the invasion of Nordland continuing as planned, the invading army has realized that their food stores may not be sufficient and has begun sending troops to locations behind the main force to scour for supplies. Holmesteinn is one of the first towns these outriders have decided to search.

  • Stage 1: Holmsteinn Supplies Gathered
  • Stage 2: Nordland Verkenners
  • Stage 3: Boswald Griev

Suderholm (Destruction, Chaos, Chapter 2)

Suderholm is a fishing village re-settled by a tribe of Northmen. Tchar'zanek has decreed that the people of Suderholm will join his horde or be destroyed.

Tchar'zanek's method of persuasion is simple: if he destroys the town's food supply, they will have no choice but to join him.

  • Stage 1: Suderholm Citizens
  • Stage 2: Suderholm Buildings Burned
  • Stage 3: Aborrah


Battlefield Objectives: 1 total in the southern area:

Lost Lagoon (BO - Destruction, Chaos, Warcamp)

As the Empire is attacked by Chaos forces in Nordland, an Empire counter-strike has been launched upon the seaports of Norsca in an attempt to stem the flow of Norse Dragonships to the front lines. At the center of the battle is the Lost Lagoon, a landing from which either side can lay in wait to ambush ships that would sail toward the coast.

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