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Mount Bloodhorn is the starting area for Greenskin players and the eastern part of the Tier 1 conflict zone between Greenskins and Dwarfs.

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The landscape of Mount Bloodhorn is one of valleys, rolling hills and many mountain passages, even in the Northwest area where the Scenarios are located. The Land is overall pleasant, but has that bit of turmoil and death permeating in the chilly air, just enough to give the Order campaign strong evidence that Destruction resides there as well.

You start out in the South of the zone, snug in the depths of the mountain ranges, safe from most of the immediate predators that grow proportionality more dangerous the farther out you explore. There is a main road as your guide North and West, then snakes around the mountain valleys east towards the Marshes of Madness. It's a bit difficult passing the bend at any level lower than 7, but climbing the mountains in areas doesn't seem to be a problem thankfully. Climb over them and stick to the road East and you'll make it to the Marshes of Madness.

The Northwest corner resides The Lookout and Ironmane Outpost Scenarios. You'll want to stay away from this area for a little while until you've gained a few levels. Getting out of the Southern area is a bit more difficult than the other starter zones, but once you make level 5 or 6 the Western area where Greenskin Chapter 3 is located has a few NPCs with a load of quests that will accelerate your advancement from this point.









Advancing through the starting area is a bit tricky, as there is somewhat of a minor gap between leveling from 6-7 with quests as your sole advancement method. You'll want to stay away from the Southwest at least until level 7 or 8, so tough it out until then. Your most efficient route of leveling will be in a clockwise direction, keeping clear of the Northwest mountain valleys if you wish to avoid RvR combat. Most of your leveling will be in the western and central areas.

  • Creature Level 1-5: South (starting area)
  • Creature Level 5-8: West
  • Creature Level 7-8: Southwest
  • Creature Level 7-9: Central
  • Creature Level 9-10: Northeast

Quest NPCs: 55-60 concentrated in the southern and western areas


Public Quests: 7 total that are mostly concentrated in the Southwest, with the Order PQs in the central and Northeast areas. You will want to participate in the PQs in the following order:

Noted Order PQs: 6 total mostly in the central and northeastern areas:

Urgog's Rage (Chapter 1)

Ugrog the Giant is a temperamental Giant currently in the employ of Skarzag. As long as he is fed a steady stream of beer he is happy. He lives outside the main camp where his occasional rages do the least damage. Squigs have escaped from their nearby pens and are plaguing the Giant by nipping at his heels. This distraction is keeping Ugrog from his beer. If he does not get his beer soon, the volatile Giant is likely to do something rash.

  • Stage 1: Kill 30 Annoying Squigs
  • Stage 2: Collect 20 Beer Barrels
  • Stage 3: Kill Dulgrek Ironmane and Kill 2 Ironmane Stonebeards

Sharpthorn Wud (Chapter 2)

The Sharpthorn Wud skirts the river southeast of Da War Maka. Swarms of Orc woodcutters now fell the ancient trees of the forest, transforming this pristine grove into stump-covered waste. Discarded piles of wood dot the area, waiting to be brought to the gaping maw of Da War Maka and hewn into coarse lumber needed for the construction of Rock Lobbers to be used to attack the Gates of Ekrund. But Sharpthorn Wud is not unprotected. The spirits of the forest have taken affront at the wanton destruction of their home. Sharpthorn Spites, the embodiment of the forest's hatred, have begun attacking the greenskins whenever they venture into the wood. Now the greenskins will need to move amongst the trees in greater number or risk the wrath of the forest guardians.

  • Stage 1: Tenacious Spites
  • Stage 2: Trees Chopped
  • Stage 3: Solayrn

Sharpthorn's Rock Mine (Chapter 2)

Far to the south of the Ironclaw Sawmill lies the Old Sharpthorn Mine. While the mine is long-since depleted of precious Gromril, Dwarfs continue to revere the mine for the bounty it once granted. To the greenskins, the Old Sharpthorn Mine is just another hole in the ground that promises a plentiful supply of Rock Lobber ammunition.

With the majority of the Dwarf forces occupied elsewhere, a prodigious swarm of Sharpthorn Bats have taken up residence within the Old Sharpthorn Mine. Even the slightest activity within the mine may draw the attention of the remaining Irontoe dwarfs.

A steady supply of boulders from the Sharpthorn Mine will provide Grokk with all the ammunition he'll need for Warboss Grumlock's Rock Lobbers.

  • Stage 1: Kill 80 Invading Vermin
  • Stage 2: Collect 30 Lobber Rocks collected
  • Stage 3: Defeat 8 Irontoe Overseers
  • Stage 4: Kill Bilder Irontoe, Hagruld Irontoe and Onaar Irontoe

Ironclaw Camp (Chapter 2)

Da War Maka dominates the surrounding landscape, towering above the treetops like a drunken Giant. A skeleton crew of greenskins remains to supervise the harvest of lumber after the rest of the Waaagh! has moved on.

The once proud remnants of the infamous Imperial regiment, Dietrich's Dogs, have begun trickling into the area, eager to profit from the destruction greenskins have left in their wake.

Meanwhile, the Irontoe Dwarfs have launched a furious assault, further complicating matters by pinning the Ironclaw Goblins within their camp and stopping all travel between the Goblin Camp and Da War Maka. Between the bandit thievery and the Dwarf attack, all work at Da War Maka has ground to a halt. Without an Ironclaw Goblin workforce, Grokk has no hope of meeting Warboss Grumlok's demand for siege equipment.

  • Stage 1: Kill Dog Forces
  • Stage 2: Kill Dog Marauders
  • Stage 3: Evert Webb

Kron Komar Gap (Chapter 3)

The Kron Komar Outpost is the intended linchpin of the Dwarf supply line. It consists of two smaller camps separated by a canyon that is spanned by an ornate Dwarf-built bridge. However, greenskins still occupy one half of the town and are eagerly awaiting the chance to finish their sacking of the outpost on the other side of the bridge.

The Dwarf army must drive the greenskins from Ekrund through the Kron Komar Gap. Rorkisson has been charged with holding the Gap against the greenskins. He is well aware that should the Gap fall, the Oathbearers' march will stall and their ancient homeland will remain firmly in greenskin hands.

  • Stage 1: Kill 100 Komar Dwarfs
  • Stage 2: Kill Goren Stonebrow and 2 Kromar Runesmiths

Durak's Rest (Chapter 3)

Durak's Rest is an ancient burial ground used by the Dwarfs in the glorious days of their Empire. When their lands were split by the massive invasions of Greenskins, the last lord of Bitterstone Mine sealed himself inside along with his ancestors, rather than see their final resting place fall into greenskin hands. Over time, the location of the tomb was lost. It wasn't until Durak's grandson Mordrin returned to Bloodhorn that the ancient burial site was rediscovered.

A necromancer has gained knowledge of the tomb and intends to create an army from the remains of the long-dead Dwarfs. Incensed, the Dwarf army has arrived in Bloodhorn just in time to thwart the necromancer's plan. The Oathbearars aim to put to rest their ancient ancestors once and for all.

Always looking for good weapons (and a good fight), the greenskins think an abandoned Dwarf tomb seems like the perfect place to not only gather weapons but to goad the stunties to battle by plundering the bones of their ancestors.

The Sacred Grove (Chapter 3)

The Sacred Grove has long been suspected to harbor a supernatural presence which acts to protect the wolves that live here. These wolves are needed for their skins in order to maintain the Waaagh!. Goblins, with their subtlety and careful hands, are proving to be invaluable for this task.

Bruza's minion, named Splinta, has organized groups of Skinna Gits to harvest wolf skins for the Waaagh!, but they are not quite up to the task of actually killing the wolves. With the Dryad Branchwraith protecting the Sacred Grove's wolves by slaying as many Skinna Gits as it can find, Splinta has become slightly annoyed with the slow pace of wolf-pelt gathering and the fast pace of Skinna Git casualties. Someone will have to go into the Sacred Grove and settle the guardian Dryad's hash once and for all.

  • Stage 1: Gather 100 Animal Hides
  • Stage 2: Kill 60 Wrathful Spites
  • Stage 3: Kill Bladeclaw, Lucius Richter and Solamir


Battlefield Objectives: 2 total, concentrated in the northwest hills. You will want to participate in the BOs in the following order:

Ironmane Outpost (BO - Destruction, Greenskin, Warcamp)

The Ironmane Clan once controlled this outpost, using it to watch over the approaches to Ekrund in the direction of Mount Bloodhorn. Now a crumbling shell, the outpost keep is an important and defensible objective to secure, which either side can exploit for a military advantage.

The Lookout (BO - Destruction, Greenskin, Warcamp)

Taking and holding the high ground is instrumental to victory in many battles. As the greenskins and Dwarfs fight for Ekrund, this wisdom has again been proven true. The top of a rocky promontory not far from the Gates of Ekrund has been violently contested since the Dwarfs began their campaign to regain control of their ancestral home.

The makeshift lookout tower erected atop the rocks has changed hands several times and has rapidly been stained with the blood of greenskin and Dwarf alike.

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