Magic Essence (WAR)  

Magical Essences can be acquired in two ways: a merchant or Salvaging. Merchants only sell skill level one essences so if you need a better quality essence, your best bet is to either search the AH or find a Salvager.

The two tables below show how the essence name associates with the required skill level and their rarity. Also, you cannot use Echoes and Whispers while creating a talisman - you must combine them to produce a rare quality essence.


  1. Rare level 50 = Subdued Essence
  2. Rare level 175 = Singing Essenc
  3. Uncommon level 75 = Murmuring Whisper (5 Murmuring Whispers combine to create 1 Murmuring Essence)

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Essence Levels

1 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
Silent Dormant Subdued Murmuring Humming Chattering Clamoring Singing Harmonious

Essence Rarity

Echo Common N/A
Whisper Uncommon 10 Echoes
Essence Rare 5 Whispers (50 Echoes)

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