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Legends of Zork
DeveloperJolt Online Gaming
DistributorActivision Publishing, Inc.
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Legends of Zork

This game has been discontinued.

Since the earliest days of the Computing era The Great Underground Empire has stood as a monument to the ingenuity of undergrads and interns. When the Dungeons and Dragons wavefront brushed against the dark shores of Computer Science it opened the door to a simple text game run on million-dollar mainframes dubbed "Colossal Cave Adventure" (the command to launch it was shortened to, simply, "adventure"). Descriptions like "You are in a room. There is a door to the west. There is a table. There is a candle on the table." set the scene and simple commands like "get candle" and "go west" or just "west" controlled the action.

Passed clandestinely from college CS department to computing center, this mild-mannered program changed the answer to the burning question, "Sure, it's big and very expensive, but what can you DO with it?" It evolved swiftly over time as each generation of students and underpaid programmers improved the basic concept and incorporated each new technological advantage. "Rogue" was "Colossal Cave Adventure" using an ASCII-text grid to represent the room and the monsters.

Then came the personal computer revolution and Infocom produced "Zork: The Great Underground Empire." If you found a dark room (a place the programmers had not yet defined - "There may be Grues here.") and persisted in moving around you got eaten be a Grue and sent back to the start. The original game was so large that the home computers of the day could not load it so Infocom split it into three games: Zork I, Zork II and Zork III, and they were popular until the sad day that text-based adventures faded into the dawn of the FPS era. A few attempts were made at illustrated text-based games (such as "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards") but the day was done and the world was now ruled by the descendants of Pac-Man and Donkey-Kong. You can read more about the history of Zork (at Wikipedia).

Now, Activision and Jolt have revived the illustrated text-based adventure as a PBB CMMORPG, the Legends of Zork.

This wikibase is a simple start to describing some of the opening areas and options, after which it will be up to you, the fans and players and explorers to take this beginning and expand it into the players guide that YOU want it to be.

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