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Forsaken World
Forsaken World is the newest MMORPG from the makers of Perfect World.

Millenia ago the gods Dyos and Nyos visited Eyrda — one to create and one to destroy — and left their children to complete the task while they went to continue exploring the universe. Over the ages the wars between the children left both sides exhausted and weakened, eventually leaving the fate of Eyrda to Man and the other mortals.

This is the top, or Main Page, for a complete Wiki dedicated to Forsaken World. For now it is just a starting point. Where it goes from here depends on community involvement. Our wiki-ferret, Bludwyng, is here to give you as much help as you need and to guide the wiki. His job is not to build it alone but to be here to help you, the community, to do as much or as little as you want.

For an excellent example of what can be done here, see the Runes of Magic wiki.

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