Energy of Repose (Aion)  

Starting at Level 20, when you are not logged in, your character gains "Repletion". This translates as an XP bonus when you do log back in. Your State of Repletion is only depleted by hunting monsters, not PvP or Crafting or Gathering or Questing.

The purpose of this is simple: It provides a little help to the mature players who have jobs and families and cannot play as much as the younger crowd.

This also encourages the playing of Alts, to some extent, as your main will be well rested when you do get back to him.

The bonus starts at 20% when you reach Level 20 and increases as you level up. It is 30% above level 30, 40% after level 40, and 50% at 50.


  • Energy of repose is only "lost" when you hunt creatures / enemies of the opposite faction
  • It is not lost when you gather
  • Approximately 48 hours of offline time recharges the bar 100%

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