Crystalline Prophecy Ordering Begins  

Announcement: 3-23-9

The first installment of three new add-on scenarios -- "A Crystalline Prophecy -- Ode of Life Bestowing" -- is now available for advance purchase through PlayOnline! Access the order page from the "A Crystalline Prophecy" banner located on the main FINAL FANTASY XI page to purchase your registration code.

(Players purchasing the scenario will receive access to the in-game content upon the release of the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XI version update scheduled for early April.)

(As with all forms of expanded content, the purchase of a single registration code for a given account will allow you to enjoy the add-on scenario with all characters created on that account.)

To commemorate the occasion, the official "A Crystalline Prophecy" site has been updated with the latest on the customizable equipment that awaits you as a reward for completing the scenario!

Head on over for the details!

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