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Welcome to the ZAM Wikibase™! This is the top-level, or Main Page, of the entire Wiki.

What's a Wikibase?

Wikibase™ is the term we coined for the integration of a traditional gaming database with a wiki. We wrote the wiki engine in use, here, in-house and from scratch. It is about 95% compatible with MediaWiki, as in use at Wikipedia, so if you are familiar with Wikipedia then you already know most of what you need here. The main differences are the addition of a whole set of functions and extensions for the db integration.

So in a Nutshell...
Wikibase = 100% User-editable Wiki + Gaming Database

You will notice that some games, listed on the right, have just "Wiki" in the Type column. Those are games that we do not currently have a database for, but we do have a wiki! Some have a database and a Wiki but the two are not fully integrated. This is denoted as "DB/Wiki".

What can I do with this?

Practically anything. Sky's the limit. You can make just a few pages explaining a single aspect of your game, or you can go whole-hog, stark-raving wiki-mad (like Bludwyng). And you don't have to be a player to do it. We welcome pages created by developers about their own games. We have no "conflict of interest", or NPOV, rules, here.

Bludwyng's job as Sr. Wikibase Admin is to set the rules, if any are needed, and to create tools for the contributors. His job is not to create the Wiki for every game we cover, all by himself. He is a prolific contributor and nearly obsessive-compulsive about wiki, but not even "The Ferret" can do it all alone.

If you play a game that ZAM does not support with a full db, you can start a Wiki here. The quickest way to find the Main Page for your game and get started is to go to our GamesList, find your game, and follow the Wikibase link, there. Then just click "Edit" and get started!

A free ZAM account, at minimum, is required to edit the wiki. We do not allow anonymous users to edit.

The Wiki's listed to the right are currently ACTIVE. If you are involved in a game not shown there, and have started a ZAM Wiki, please contact the Wikibase Feedback Forum to be added to this list!
Active ZAM Wiki Main Pages
GamesWiki Type
Atlantica OnlineWiki
City of SteamWiki
Dragon NestWiki
EverQuest IIWikibase
Final Fantasy XIWikibase
Final Fantasy XIVWikibase
Free RealmsWikibase
Guild Wars 2Wiki
Legends of NorrathWiki
Lord of the Rings OnlineDB/Wiki
R2 OnlineWiki
Rift: Planes of TelaraWikibase
Runes of MagicWiki
Star Trek OnlineWiki
Warhammer OnlineWikibase
World of WarCraftWikibase
Vanguard: Saga of HeroesWiki
Important Links
GamesList of all Games

Other Important Pages
  • Help Pages - This category contains links to many of the game-specific subsets of Help Pages.
  • Wikibase Documentation - This is the centre of all things documented, intended for laymans, newbies and those contributors who are more technically-minded.
  • Staff Bios - Who we are, and how to contact us.
  • Twitter: Bludwyng has created @zamwiki on Twitter, and will update it with notes about new available templates and changes to existing templates. This will cover all games, so not all tweets will be of interest to everyone.
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