Guild Wars 2: The Dragon's Reach Part 2

The mid-season finale episode for Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 launches today.

The Dragon's Reach: Part 2 releases as the latest episode in Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 2. Players will be able to attend the summit, but not all of the leaders will be present. In this episode, players will also be able to gain new rewards including growing the Mysterious Vine backpiece from last patch into an ascended or infused version as well as the introduction of the first Living World Reward Track in sPvP, the Arid Region Reward Track which will "unlock Season 2 rewards".


The story will also continue where it left off in the previous patch. Councilor Phlunt is still interfering with Taimi's research and using his attendance to the summit as a bargaining chip.


In a surprising turn of events, Queen Jennah's attendance to the summit has been thrown into question after an anonymous source has been accused the queen of conspiring with Scarlet's attack on Divinity's Reach. Players will need to work with Kasmeer and Countess Anise to track down the rumors and clear the queen's name so that she may be free to leave the city and attend the summit.


In addition to the story, players will be able to explore a new area of Dry Top. Continue to gather geodes, unlock chests with Zephyrite Lockpicks and gather rare crafting materials as you play through the story.

ArenaNet has announced that this episode is the mid-season finale for the Living World Season 2. After this release, the season will pick up later this Fall. Until then, make sure to log in within the next two weeks to unlock The Dragon's Reach: Part 2's permanent story for free.

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