Guild Wars 2: Entanglement

Evil Takes Root later today in the second patch of Living World Season 2.

A seemingly ancient evil has taken root in the Maguuma Wastes as players in Guild Wars 2 face off against this growing threat in Entanglement. This latest Living World patch will release later today and picks up the story where it left off two weeks ago with the Gates of Maguuma content patch.


Evil Takes Root as the lethal, fast growing vines that originally plagued Brisban Wildlands have begun to spread. Trouble has reached prosperity, where the young, Asuran prodigy Taimi was left alone to research. Journey to Prosperity and meet up with Braham to check in on Taimi.


Players will then search for hidden secrets within the new revealed areas of Dry Top. Learn more about the mysterious denizens lurking beyond Prospect Valley and fight never-before-seen foes. Pick up the trail from the last release as you continue your search for the ley line hub.


With a new patch comes another new set of rewards. Entanglement will have players collecting Unidentified Bugs to convert into materials you need to craft weapons from the new Ambrite weapon set.


As with all patches in Season 2, players will be able to unlock this patch's story for free by logging in once during the next two weeks.

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