SOE's Landmark Phases Into Closed Beta

Check out SOE's tips and information for the transition between alpha and beta.

This evening Sony Online Entertainment transitioned Landmark into closed beta. During the alpha, which had started back in early February, the game saw quite a bit of development and stability worked into each build. Players discovered new techniques to make the most of the voxel-based world, giving them their own names such as "micro voxel" and "zero voxel".

SOE took the to forums yesterday, not only to share the list of starting islands you'll be able to stake your claim on, but also with a warning for Alpha players: what you think you know about progression, you don't.

Another mildly surprising thing happened today: the game's name has been shortened from EverQuest Next Landmark to simply Landmark, and the official website has changed to

General Updates [1]

  • The Alpha launcher will NOT update to the Beta launcher. They highly recommend you remove it to save space on your computer.
  • The download link to the Beta launcher will be mailed out to Alpha and Closed Beta participants when they are ready to release it
  • There is no revised ETA for launch time yet, it'll be up when they're ready!
  • The old Alpha forums are now a read-only archive
  • The four closed beta keys that Trailblazers have to give out are for unlimited access to the closed beta. The PC Gamer keys are time-limited access (seven days).

Closed Beta Wipes [2]

  • "No sugar coating here. There are elements we are adding to the game that will absolutely require wipes."
  • They hope to only do claim wipes, not character progression wipes, but can change as needed
  • Everything will be templated for you when a wipe occurs; you'll need to find a new claim spot
  • When water and caves are added a wipe of every island is necessary

Roadmap [3]

  • The first phase of Claim Ratings goes live in Closed Beta:
    • Once a player has tagged their claim, you can visit them and give them a thumbs up
    • As more people upvote their claim, their Temperature Gauge will change from an icy blue to a fiery red
    • Votes expire after seven days
    • Future phases include searching, filtering, feedback and more
  • The initial pass of Claim Upkeep goes live in Closed Beta:
  • Claims now require an upkeep cost
    • You must deposit resources in your Upkeep Bank to pre-pay for upkeep
    • To fill/refill your Upkeep Bank, press “U” to open the Claim Management window, and click the “Upkeep Management” button
    • Upkeep is due every 24 hours, but can be pre-paid for up to 5 days of real time
      • According to Terry Michaels on Twitter: "5 days is aggressive on purpose for CB. We will be tuning it and adding ways to extend it by playing."
    • If your claim expires, it is automatically deleted. SOE will template up your claim(s) for you and send resources and props from the claim via in-game mail.
    • Upkeep is 300 copper ore per claim, but will change to in-game currency in the future
    • A claim placement fee of 300 copper has been added for claims after your first one; add the copper by opening your Claim Management window ("U")
  • Phase Two will now last "an indefinite amount of time"
  • See the full roadmap on the Landmark forums

An oriental-inspired home created by Hanna of Courage during Alpha.

Starting Islands [4]

  • Alas, some Alpha island names will not make a return
  • Each island has two biomes
  • Available biomes at the start of Closed Beta are: Desert, Tropical, Old Forest and Tundra
  • Islands are still set up in Tiers, but we anticipate this to change when the cave system is added (if it goes in as advertised, the cave system will change how you gather resources)
  • Check out the list of islands on the Landmark forums

New Starting Steps [5]

  • If you played in the Alpha, expect some changes to starting progression
  • Suggested starting steps:
    • With a Founder's Pick: (1) make Keen Eye Bands, (2) gather Claim Flag resources; create at the hub's Basic Forge (3) stake your claim, (4) make a Stone Forge, (5) make an Alchemy Station, Iron Pick and Silver Axe, (6) make an Outfitter's Station
    • Without a Founder's Pick: (1) make a Copper Pick, (2) make Keen Eye Bands, (3) make a Tin Axe, (4) continue on from #2 above
  • "Resource Rating is dead now. Long live Tiers."

Patch Notes

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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