Planar War: The Lore of RIFT 2.4

A new war is coming to Rift in update 2.4. Can Telara survive this one?

Savage was the reign of dragons – a fitting precursor to the chapter ahead.
-Fayne Doran, Seer of Sanctum

Across the planes, thralls of the elemental dragons cast off their shackles and oaths. Trade empires of the Golden Maw swell with flowing coin. The Abyssal revive forbidden magics while Fae growth runs rampant over entire worlds. From the rotting dens of Shaper caverns to the painted alleys of Sanctum, servants of the dead echo the cheers of the Ascended.

The Blood Storm is no more.

While the elemental cults regroup and rearm, new powers rise from the depths of the planes. Some are harmless enough – bogling families freed from Greenscale’s breeding pits, Gedlo clans tired of feeding their own to the fires of Maelforge. Others, like Inyr’Kta and the Architects, are ancient, powerful, and well prepared for the bloodshed to come.

For eons, the Architects have toiled to erect a war forge inside the Plane of Earth. Protected by this mighty bastion, their high council oversees the construction of titanic Planebreakers, engines of destruction capable of traversing the elemental realities. Where they go, desolation will follow … and only sand will remain.

The Architects could extinguish the blazing Plane of Fire, evaporate the dreams of Water, still the swirling chaos of Air, and replace the living and the dead with stonebound beings, each built to order, each ordered to build. But they are not alone.

Throughout the elemental planes, secret factions stir and scheme. Each plans to assert its dominance over the dragons’ domains, and each will play a role in a new conflict of unparalleled scope.

Telara has survived the Age of Dragons – can it survive the fallout of burned realities? Will it survive the chaos of Planar War?


Expect patch 2.4 to be available on the Public Test Shard soon. With it comes:

  • Two new upcoming raids
  • Two chronicles
  • A level-60 dungeon
  • The return of the Autumn Harvest event
  • ...and more!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor

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