Camelot Unchained: The Gamer's Bill of Rights

Camelot Unchained declares its intent

City State Entertainment has made a bold move, yesterday they released the "Gamer's Bill of Rights" where the company made quite a few promises to its fans and followers. This is labeled as the first draft, but it seems safe to say that the "Gamer's Bill of Rights" is a code of conduct for the team behind the coming Realm vs. Realm-centric MMO, Camelot Unchained.

Something like this demands a little respect for the company, it is obviously yet to be seen if they will be able to uphold their promises, but showing that they care is something not many people seem to do anymore. In all, the document has eleven promises; my favorite is promise #3, death to the gold sellers! Okay so it didn't say that, but we all know that's what they meant, right?

City State Entertainment is still a collection of humans, they are going to make mistakes, they are going to be wrong at times, but they are not going to lie. This is rule #1 of the Bill of Rights, so far so good.

Rule #2 and #4 sort of go hand in hand. #2 states that CSE will always be responsive, this appears to be referring to their customer service. Although they are limited by their puny, mortal bodies, CSE will make sure that its staff is always large enough to answer you as quickly as their fingers will allow. #4 explains that the staff at CSE will be playing Camelot Unchained, even if they suck. They hope this will keep their team connected with the game, and the players that make that game worthwhile.

Treat others the way you want to be treated, pretty basic, but that does not make it less important. This is CSE's rule #5, CSE promises to never be rude, but they are not going to let you verbally lash them either.

Rule #6 is strangely written in my opinion, but the intentions are good. Heres #6, in CSE's words, "6) We will continue to update/improve the game for as long as we are taking your money.  If we are taking your money for our game, we are obligated to spend some of it to make Camelot Unchained a better game or shut the game down.  There is no middle ground, either we are making enough to continue to improve it or it should be put out of its misery." Lets just hope they are getting enough of our money!

If you have ever experienced the death of a beloved game then you know how sad it can be when all those years of fun and friendship come to an end. #7 promises that if CU dies CSE will release compiled server code so the game can live on somewhere else.

CU does not require any copy protection; since it's a subscription based game, the server does the authentication. That's #8, no copy protection. This also means you can install the game on as many supported machines as you want. #9 is about your privacy. CSE will try to not be intrusive, or at least as little as they can. In order to do debug or figure out other errors; some system specs are going to be required, not much you can do there.

No matter what the minimum specs are for the finished product of CU, if your machine meets them you will be able to play. There are no exceptions to this rule, which is #10.

Next to destroying gold sellers, rule 11 is probably the best rule on the list. Finding bugs should be rewarded, being the first to find a bug will reward you with CU Reward Points. These points are not tradeable, and the items that can be purchased with them do not effect game-balance in anyway. Cosmetic items with no effect besides being a thank you from the developers always nice.

Now all we can do is wait and see if City State Entertainment can uphold their end of the bargain. I for one have high hopes for Camelot Unchained. Let us know how you feel about this "Gamer's Bill of Rights" and do you think CSE is capable of upholding all of their promises?

If you have as much anticipation as I have, perhaps you want to contribute to Camelot Unchained's development? If so, find all the details at the official Kickstarter page.

Peyton "FluidD" Montgomery

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