Destiny PC Version Hinted?

Rumors abound regarding a possible PC version of Destiny

The announcements for Bungie's new Sci-Fi MMO, Destiny, were barely out the door before the gaming community began asking, 'Will there be a PC version?'. While we at ZAM would love to be able to answer that question, the best we can do is tell you about some of the rumors going around.

The folks over at Gamespot seem to have dug up evidence that suggests Destiny could be released on several as yet unannounced platforms, including the PC. While the source code they reference may simply be a place holder, it is certainly an exciting prospect for PC gamers interested in the title.

Perhaps even more encouraging is a post on the Penny Arcade Report that cites some carefully worded responses from Bungie COO Pete Parsons himself:

 “The interesting part is we, from the ground up, from the very beginning, we have made sure that [Destiny] can be on multiple platforms...”

“We would absolutely love to be on the PC...”

Parsons comments seem to indicate a positive climate amongst Bungie staffers towards the PC platform, though not a direct  commitment. It may not be definitive proof that Destiny will make it to the PC, but it is at least enough to keep our hopes up.

Rumors aside, it's clear there is a high level of interest in the possibility of a Destiny PC release. If the infrastructure is in place for a multi-platform release then it's likely that the decision lies in the economics. With a keen community holding out for a PC  version, that could be just the indicator that Bungie and Activision are looking for.

Robert "Caergan" Gray 

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