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This week in Champs of the week we venture into the Jungle.

Every week we take a look at a handful of the top champions in the League of Legends. These champions not only excel in competitive play but also in ranked games; they are favorites in the community. With each champion we also take a guide from the wonderful community that demonstrates how to play the champion. This week we will be peering into the jungle. 

Shaco, the Demon Jester 

Despite being nerfed in Season 3, Shaco remains one of the trickiest junglers to deal with. With his Deceive teleport into 3.5 second stealth he has plenty of time to sneak into a bush or straight toward the enemy, which will take most people by surprise. Combined with those infuriating traps and his high DPS early-mid game, Shaco is one of the better junglers right now. 

This Shaco guide comes from Viedzmin and is great for those who want a hand-held experience in jungling. It covers each aspect from the first clear, ganking, counter-ganking and team fights. As requested, Viedzmin has also included a list of no less than eight different ways you can use Shaco's ultimate. 

As pointed out in the guide, Shaco is a champion for experienced League of Legends players and is extremely hard to master. Put in the time and effort and Shaco can be one of the most fun champions to play and is just as rewarding. 

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia 

This guy has been around for quite a while, being released concurrently with Season One he has floated in and out of the meta since. In the last month Xin Zhao has crept up the LoLKing “Most Popular Champions” chart to third this week, up from eighth. The rise in popularity is likely related to his increasing popularity in competitive play, the recent release of the Lunar Revel Xin Zhao skin could also have a play in it. 

Xin Zhao is one of the hardest bruisers to peel from your carry – so it's appropriate that PewPwe named this guide “The Carries are mine!” Included in the guide are a number of videos demonstrating advanced tactics for ganking and escaping.

Xin Zhao is a great bruiser for sticking to a target until it is dead, but when it comes to escaping he is out of luck. He also has no poke ability, allowing people to kite him. 

Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare 

While not among the most popular of champions, Nocturne is one of the top tier junglers due to his sustain, clear speed, strong CC and terrifying engage – darkness...

Out from the darkness comes a guide from Ghunzul. In this guide Ghunzul puts a lot of work into explaining the item choices. He also gives a number of jungle routes and more!  

Nocturne is a nice easy jungler to get started with. He is able to clear the jungle quite quickly while sustaining his health. When you get your ultimate just activate it and fly across the map.  

 Amumu, the Sad Mummy

Don't let those crocodile tears fool you; Amumu has more friends than anybody these days. With a good Amumu in jungle your team instantly becomes a serious threat in team fights. Enemies will be constantly on edge awaiting that Bandage Toss, Ultimate combo. 

One of those friends, Gnodde, has posted an Amumu guide, and helping others is certainly one way to make plenty of allies. Gnodde does a good job of adding enough detail without burdening the reader. He includes just about everything you could need to start playing the sad mummy. 

Amumu is fairly mana-reliant. If an early enemy invade takes your blue buff you might find it hard to get back in the game. However, if you have a good team that protects you early game, you will be able to pay your team back later in the game with one of the best team fight ultimates in the game. 

Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

This was a hard pick for me. While Jarvan is popular in competitive play, his ultimate can very easily backfire in the wrong hands. That being said, Jarvan has a high win-rate in ranked games and is becoming increasingly popular these days. If used right, he can lock the enemy team into a well-planned death trap. 

To set you in the right direction we have this jungler guide from Wonderz. There is lots of hand-holding in this guide, including a video that shows a basic jungling route, ganking tips and more. 

As stated by the guide maker, Jarvan has no sustain so you will need to rely on health potions. It shouldn't be a problem if you have the right runes and masteries. If you fall behind with Jarvan you may struggle in the mid-game but when it comes to team fights, as long as you make the right decisions and do your job right, it should all work out fine.

These are just a few of the many great champions in League of Legends. Honestly, the majority of champions are viable and all it takes is a good summoner to realize their full potential. With the competitive League of Legends scene in full-swing the meta will be constantly shifting as teams look for creative new ways to beat one-another. 

Be sure to visit for more great guides like those shown today. We will be back next week to look at a fresh set of champions. 


 Chris Rainey, Columnist 

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