New Nvidia Physx Hawken Trailer Released

Nvidia have released a Hawken Physx Trailer showing new stompy features!

The big-stompy robots of Hawken just got even more stompy. From the continued romance of Meteor Entertainment and Nvidia comes today's video showing off the soon-to-come Nvidia only PhysX features:

"This video also demonstrates a soon-to-come PhysX feature in Hawken: APEX Turbulence. APEX Turbulence is a PhysX feature which uses velocity fields to simulate particle motion. You will see this in action inside of Hawken with energy collectors, mech death embers, deployed shields, and mech health orb embers."

That all sounds great but what does it all mean? Andrew from Nvidia breaks it down in the following Hawken PhysX trailer.

While it certainly looks pretty, the effects – especially the fire effects – could do with some fine-tuning, they look a bit unnatural to me. As noted in the infinite wisdom of the YouTube hivemind, obtrusive PhysX effects like this are often disabled by those who take competition seriously.

As for when we will actually see these features in Hawken, your guess is as good as ours but they did say soon, if that has any weight to it. 

Chris Rainey, Columnist 

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