Guild Wars 2: Developer Livestream

Three Guild Wars 2 developers talk about the major discussions from the forums before taking questions directly from the community.

Now for the tl;dr bullet list:

  • New Achievement System
    • Daily and Monthly completion gives new currency: Crowns
    • Crowns spent on 100+ completely new rewards
    • Another rewards system coming later for non-Daily/Monthly achievements
  • Guilds
    • Can kick off special 4-5 content style events that other players can then join
    • More influence tiers and rewards in those tiers for guilds to “show off”
    • No GvG anytime in the foreseeable future
  • Dungeons
    • Removal of Rez Zerging
      • Cannot Rez at waypoint if a party member is still fighting the boss
      • Make Bosses that force this tactic easier
    • Bump of the difficulty of Explorable Modes
      • Give better rewards to match higher difficulty
    • Improve bosses
      • Make them as good as the FotM bosses
      • Not so stagnant in their environment and against players
  • LFG
    • Still far off but in development
    • Will include not only dungeons but sPvP and open world grouping as well
  • sPvP
    • Leaderboards
    • New player experience
    • 1v1 Tournaments
      • Runs Temple of the Silent Storm map
      • Needs Tournament Tokens but not as many as regular tournament
      • Lower rewards since only need to win once and few entry tokens required
    • PvP Exclusive Armor and Weapon Skins
    • Custom Arenas
      • Will Cost to rent rooms
      • Renter becomes the room’s Host
      • Host can adjust many options for the room
      • While no new game types, option may allow players to mimic types
    • ANet wants Conquest to be the base game type to build sPvP off of
    • They have tried Deathmatch, CTF, MOBA, and Dodgeball game types in GW2
      • While a gametype might not work in GW2, parts of the game type might still work
    • New game mode coming out sometime this year
      • Something the community has asked for, but not in a way they imagined
    • Balancing still continues
      • Current focus on AoEs, Roles, Meta game, and more viable builds for classes
  • WvW
    • Add progression and rewards for that progression
      • Armor and Weapon Skins (may be same as the sPvP skins)
      • Adding Abilities that only work in WvW
        • Could include increasing guards’ damage, how much supply you can carry, something about siege weapons
        • Still too early to know what is and isn’t on the table
    • Culling getting closer to being history
      • Will be implemented across the board, so large scale PvE events won’t have culling problems either.
  • Fractals of the Mists
    • Already announced fixes to disconnect and fractal level problems
    • Rewards will be based on personal fractal level
      • Won’t be able to get ring rewards by jumping into a high level Fractal your first time.
  • Orr
    • New effects, environment zones, and rewards
    • Coming in January build
  • Development
    • Focus on fixing before adding
    • Improving current areas before adding more zones
    • They don’t want to talk about updates before they are set in stone
      • They don’t want to promise something is coming out before it has been tested when bugs could push back its release
      • Once something is set to come out they will release all the information about it

 Matt "Mattsta" Adams

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