The Year That Was: Wargaming

A big year for World of Tanks, and a bigger year ahead

In case you didn't notice, it's almost the end of the year (and by the time you read this, quite possibly the end of the world). In either case, its a time to reflect on the year gone by, and Wargaming is doing it in style.

The five-minute video looks back on 2012 and the explosion (no pun intended) of the popularity of World of Tanks, including awards and its entry into the competitive eSports arena (again, sorry for the pun.)

According to Wargaming, there are now over 45 million virtual tankmen playing all around the world, with a record 600,000 playing simultaneously on one sever. Yes, I had to read that part of the press release twice as well.

Of course, World of Tanks isn't the only trick Wargaming has up its sleeve. World of Warplanes is currently in beta, and World of Warships was announced as well. Of particular interest was the possible "connection" of all of these game worlds together as one:

"The new service will eventually tie all three Wargaming worlds into a common economic system with one-stop access to all games, as well as will invite players to experience closer community interaction within single MMO battle realm."

That statement is open to a bit of interpretation, but if it's anything like what CCP has going for EVE and DUST 514, that will be something to watch!


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