Von Bach Industries Is Open For Business

Ark Hunters wanted for Trion's Defiance!

Von Bach Industries is open for business, and they're looking for a few Ark Hunters. Do you fit the bill?

Evoking a feeling of Massive Dynamic or Hadden Industries, Trion has launched a web site for Von Bach Industries, part of a recruitment drive for the upcoming third-person MMO shooter, Defiance.

Defiance is set on Earth in a future -- and quite bleak -- time, after an event called the Arkfall changed everything. Even an "expedition to the hostile San Francisco bay area" requires the best of the best. That's where you come in.

You can register for beta… er… to be an Ark Hunter right now. Just head over to Von Bach Industries to fill out your application. Seems legit. There are also several other briefing videos on the technology and weapons you'll be using as well as Von Bach Industries itself.

If your interest is piqued, don't click anywhere else… we've got more coverage for yu right here. Check out the hands-on time our own Gazimoff got with Defiance just last week, as well as his interview with senior producer Rob Hill

This game should now squarely be on your radar. Defiance is set to launch in April 2013 in conjunction with a TV series on SyFy network.


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