Humble Indie Bundle 7

The Humble Bundle is back in Indie style just in time for Christmas.

The Humble Bundle is back to its Indie roots after the recent THQ Bundle (on related news, check out Mirai's report of THQ's file for bankruptcy just a week after raising over $5 million with the Humble THQ Bundle).

As with any Humble Bundle, you can pay whatever you want (minimum $1) and receive the basic tier of games and soundtracks. The Humble Indie Bundle 7 includes:

  • Snapshot by Retro Affect
  • The Binding of Isaac (with Wrath of the Lamb DLC) by Edmund McMillen and Florain Himsl
  • Closure by Eyebrow Interactive
  • Shank 2 by Klei Entertainment
  • Indie Game: The Movie by BlinkWorks (Documentary, not a game)

And includes the soundtracks of Snapshot, Closure, Shank 2, and Indie Game: The Movie.

But that isn't all that is in the bundle. If you beat the average price ($6.14 at the time of publication), you will also receive the following games and their respective soundtracks:

  • Dungeon Defenders (with all DLC) by Trendy Entertainment
  • Legend of Grimrock by Almost Human

With another great collection of indie titles, the only question left is will you beat the average?

Matt "Mattsta" Adams

P.S. Let's see if we can actually make this a thing. If you beat the average, reply below saying as much. Could just be "Boom, Average Beat!"

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