The Forging of Forge

Developer speaks about methodology that could change how games are made

"Forge is an MMO style FPS played in 3rd person and built strictly for PvP," says Paul Culp, CEO of SuperGenius."It may qualify for the most acronym heavy title on the market at the moment. Not only was it built within a new development model but the game itself is practically a new genre." 

It was with these words that he kicked off a blog post over on Gamasutra as a post-mortem of sorts on the development of Forge. But it really wasn't a post-mortem about the game as much as it was about the making of it.

With three far-flung specialty studios working on the game, planning was key. "For this development method, this first planning stage is crucial for making sure everyone is on the same page both technically and creatively."

In the end, Paul was certain the method would work not just for small projects, but for big-budget triple-A games too. "It is flexible enough to work for big budget-style games as well. Only it is so efficient they wouldn’t really be so big budget when all is said and done."

In case you're unfamiliar, Forge is essentially an FPS-style game in a fantasy setting with MMO-style skills. As Paul mentions, it's hard to imagine this hand't been done before. But it's a great game and if you have a chance you should check it out.

If you like taking a peek behind the curtain to see how games are made, head on over to Gamasutra for Paul's full blog.


Bill "Lethality" Leonard

Source: Gamasutra


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