Bylos Goes Bonkers

Joel Bylos freaks out about armageddon, what does it mean for The Secret World?

Everyone knows that the world is coming to an end later this month. But for Funcom's Joel Bylos, it just became a lot more real.

Bylos is Game Director for The Secret World, which, as you know, is all about conspiracy theories. Heck, they even have an End of Days alternate-realtiy game campaign running to capitalize on the potential apocalypse.

None of this sits well with Bylos, as you can see in video, which was clearly captured candidly and off-the-record.

Since the world is ending soon, Bylos wants as many people as possible to try The Secret World before they "die a horrible death."

So he makes a pitch to the Funcom execs to drop the subscription fee asap in order to get players to experience the game. The execs aren't having any of it, so Bylos storms off to build his bunker which COULD have been complete already had he not been spending all of his time developing the game!

What, dear readers, do you think we're seeing here? Has Joel Bylos simply gone bonkers over the impending doom? Or is it something more sinister… perhaps a teaser for a free-to-play future for The Secret World? To be continued…

Bill "Lethality" Leonard



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