GuildCast 50: Love for the Staff

The Lost Shores hits to mixed response, including content additions and professions changes

It’s been a great week for fans of shellfish.

The Lost Shores event broke across Lion’s Arch unleashing the dreaded karka on the unsuspecting denizens. Reactions were somewhat mixed due to some technical issues. We discuss what exactly went on.

ArenaNet‘s Chris Whiteside responded to the weekend with a new blog post, covering not only the lessons learned from the criticism from the gaming populace, but also how Guild Wars 2 will be affected by changes coming down the pipe.

Not one to get hung up on past issues, Whiteside outlined a large number of changes, including a complete revamp of all the current dungeons and new additions to Fractals of the Mists.


The crew gets detailed on why there might be a need for changes to current dungeon encounters and just whether roles need to play an important part.

A raft of class changes came out along with the other new content, what were the big changes? Will a certain Guardian be spitting feathers?

With your viewer questions neatly rounding everything off, your regular team is on hand to answer your queries.

Joining Gary Gannon are Massively‘s Richie Procopio and Elisabeth Cardy as well as ZAM‘s Scott Hawkes for the 50th — yes, 50th! — episode of GuildCast!


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