Mass Effect 3 - The Happy Ending Mod

Includes smiley faces, Mr. Rogers.

Mass Effect 3's ending, as you might have heard, was...not very well liked. The backlash was so severe it even started a petition and a fundraiser to 'reclaim' the game, as if to 'liberate' it from its ending. Eventually the rage sputtered and died, but one man (and some of his friends) kept the dream alive.

The Mass Effect 3 - Happy Ending Mod removes much of the controversial content, and changes the outcome entirely. To avoid spoilers, we'll talk more about that behind the jump, where you can also find the video footage of the ending embedded too!

The mod removes the Catalyst AI scene, the Stargazer scene, the crash-landing on the alien planet, removes the implication that the Geth and EDI are destroyed, takes out the pick-one-of-three endings, and changes the music to fan-made music. It adds a scene of Joker breaking orders to save Shepard, reuniting him/her with the crew, and placing Captain Anderson's name on the memorial wall in the Normandy.

They are working on further changes, including adding the removed dialogue between Anderson and Shepard.

Julian "Mirai" Williams

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