WildStar Wednesday: Brightland's Rebellion

How the Exile humans broke away from the Dominion and the sacrifices required to do so

Last month we learned about the Granok and why they're so fiercely opposed to the Dominion. That leaves us with the other two races (that we know of) that comprise the Exiles: the Aurin and the Humans. We knew a little bit about the Aurin background from a couple lines in the interview last year, but not much about the Humans. The Humans comprise a good portion of the Dominion and, from the sounds of things, are the ones running the show. You'd figure that being in such a position of power, the Dominion would have had to do something pretty bad to cause a civil war. In this week's WildStar Wednesday post, Senior Narrative Designer Chad Herndon brings us the tale of the Human portion of the Exiles, from the reasons for the split to the prices paid for their freedom.

For a quick summary of the story: as the Dominion grew in power, so did the need for tighter control over the population to maintain said power. These extra restrictions and rules placed on the population led to protests like you'd expect in any modern civilization. Given that the Dominion is an empire and the demands of the people aren't the top priority of the guys in charge, encounters between protesters and the military got a bit messy. Not everyone in the military was into the idea of turning their weapons on their fellow Humans, particularly an Admiral by the name of Serrick Brightland. Brightland and those sympathetic to his cause commandeered the Admiral's flagship, the Star of Dominus, loaded it with the Resistance forces, and led an attack on the Dominion High Command. Things took a bit of a turn after that. There were some successful hit and run attacks after that initial surprise, but the Dominion had the advantage in supplies and manpower. With the Dominion closing in on their what remained of the rebel fleet, the Admiral had to resort to drastic measures.

I could tell the rest of the story, but it's better if you head over to the WildStar blog and read the rest for yourself. After reading these two backstories, I'm curious what Chad and the other writers at Carbine have in store for the Aurin storyline. You usually save the best for last, right?

Michael "Ragar" Branham

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