MLG Fall Championship Results

The weekends results of the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas

The MLG Fall Championship has come to its conclusion, along with the 2012 MLG season.
If you missed the weekends top action, is here for you! We have the results for the weekend across all titles.
The weekend saw MLG host six of the worlds biggest eSports titles and over 1,500 of the world top gaming athletes all fighting for over $180,000 in prize money.


For the first time in Starcraft II’s history we will be seeing KeSPA-former Brood War pros competing versus the “Vanilla Pros” on a LAN stage.
With this historic event happening the Fall Championship is already historic before the competition has begun.
With the Starcraft II scene in a golden era of race representation, we see the competitive side as close as it has ever been with such a close margin at the top of the lists.

The top five results for the Starcraft II tournament is as follows:
1st - $25,000 - Life
2nd - $15,000 - Leenock
3rd - $7,250 - Bomber
3rd - $7,250 - Flash
5th - $3,500 - Rain

League Of Legends once again takes to the MLG stage.
With the controversial end to the Summer Championship, MLG seeks to end on a high note for the rising eSports title of 2012.
The Fall Championship comes right off the back of the Season Two World Championships and hosts some of the high finishing WC teams.
For the first time Korea will be represented at a Championship event by Najin Sword and Azubu Blaze.

The League Of Legends results are as follows:
1st - $16,000 – Azubu Blaze
2nd - $8,000 – NaJin Sword
3rd - $4,000 – CLG.EU
4th - $2,000 – CLG.Prime

The MLG Fall Championship hails the return of the nostalgia inflicting Halo to the Pro Circuit.
MLG brings back Halo back into the fold with the highly anticipated Halo 4, for a pre release tournament, just merge days before the worldwide release.
The FPS scene has been lacking its 2011 dominance in 2012 and the return of Halo is sure to stir up the FPS scene with Black Ops 2 close behind.

The results for the Halo 4 tournament are as follows:
1st - $20,000 - Warriors
2nd - $10,000 - Ambush

3rd - $6,000 – Status Quo
4th - $4,000 - Legendary

Along with these top three titles MLG also hosted:
Mortal Kombat on PlayStation®3
Results as follows:
1st - $6,000 -. REO
2nd - $3,600 - Maxter
3rd - $2,400 - Pig of the Hut

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on PS3™
Results are as follows:
1st - $6,000 - JDCR
2nd - $3,600 - HelpMe
3rd - $2,000 - Anakin

PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale™ on PS3
Results are as follows:
1st - $2,500 - Goofierrez
2nd - $1,500 - MonkeyBoi
3rd - $700 - TokenHero

With the introduction of some amazing new titles over the 20132 season and the upcoming titles yet to be released the 2013 season is already highly anticipated before the lighting has even been taken down at the Fall Championship.
The MLG season has finished for the 2012 season and now we have to wait until the beginning of the 2013 Winter season.

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