Greed Monger Building Kickstarter Campaign

New crafting sandbox MMO seeking backers to help build their world

Player housing has shown up in a few MMOs here and there, but it's usually been more of a side project than a primary focus of the game. You placed homes, harvesters, etc. in Star Wars Galaxies, but for the most part those were more for storage and crafting materials. Ultima Online went a bit further with their housing system, giving players a variety of options for how to build their homes and what to do with them. This was still overall a side activity in UO though - you could work on it if you wanted, but the game was still primarily about killing monsters and your fellow players. If you've been looking for that game that was more about the homes and equipment you could craft that what dungeons you could raid, you might want to take a look at the Greed Monger project over at Kickstarter.

The general idea for the game according to the KS page is that basically everything is built by the players. Everyone starts in a world that's got nothing but unmodified terrain, animals, and monsters. The goal of the players is to carve out their home from that pristine wilderness. Players buy parcels of land from the developers (this and estate auctions from people looking to sell their land are how the developers propose to support this F2P MMO), then build whatever home will fit on their property. Once your home is built, you can then decorate it however you see fit. You can also go out into the world to slay beasts and monsters, but you're doing it for experience and crafting materials - no finished products will drop from slaying either.

If you're interested in the idea of an MMO focused around a player driven economy and crafting, head over to their Kickstarter page and find out more. I'm a crafting nerd, so I'm interested, though I'm not quite sold on having to spend $20 to have a parcel of land to work with. It's not a large sum, but when so much of the game is focused around what you can do on your property, it seems like you should at least start with a small plot of land to play with.

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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