May 25, 2012

As you may have noticed, has been merged into In short, this will make it easier for our devs to do work on the bestiary site as needed. Old URLs will be set to redirect to the new ones, so this won't affect existing bookmarks or links.

Check out this thread on our forums for more details and to post any input you may have.

With that, here are some Friday night updates for you. Enjoy your holiday (and bonus exp!) weekend!

New Recipes: Geerlok Floatation Pack (recharge)Geerlok Floatation Pack (recharge)Runic Longflight JavelinLongflight Javelin

Updated Items: Platinum Crested Coldain Historical SealMinor Coldain Historical SealLesser Coldain Historical SealGreater Coldain Historical SealGolden Crested Coldain Historical SealColdain Historical SealDiamond Studded Coldain Historical SealFlickering PowersourceDiaku Infantry BaubleBanner - LightGlowing Athlai LeggingsGlowing Athlai SleevesGlowing Athlai WristbandGlowing Athlai TunicGnollish Chain WristguardGlowing Athlai BootsGlowing Athlai HatGlowing Athlai GlovesGnollish Chain SleevesGnollish Chain CoatGnollish Chain BracerGnollish Chain LeggingsGnollish Chain HelmGnollish Chain BootsGnollish Chain GauntletsReinforced Spiked CollarGnollish Leather WristguardGnollish Leather WristbandGnollish Leather GlovesGnollish Leather TunicGnollish Leather ArmwrapsGnollish Leather HelmGnollish Leather BootsGnollish Leather LeggingsRune Binding PowderBalanced Snake FangRat Bone NecklaceElven Charm NecklaceSmudged Rough PaperSooty PaperOrnate Binding PowderClay TotemGnoll HeadExquisite Spinneret FluidExquisite MarrowGnoll Shaman's BaubleNature-Touched Wurm SaddleTriumvirate Blood StoneEmbalming Fluid

Updated Quests: TaxesRecycled ArmsGrom #1: Undead SlayersFertilizer for the CropsWinds of ChangeThe Sound of SilenceSepulcher #2: Crafting the Triumvirate's Downfall

Updated Bestiary: a decaying skeletona darkweed snakea Dervish Cutthroata froglok guarda dune tarantulaa row boata ghoula giant ratClorka SwamperaKippidora Landhoppera froglok protestera griffon nest guardiana blackfeather egg tenderfeathered fernstemHar`Lak the Ancienta crypt mummya jackala desert tarantulaa shriveled mummya coyotea fire beetlea moss snakean aspa swamp alligatora froglok tada skeletonPerd KraknakkScout Miigle


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