The Secret World: Coast Guard

Continuing his journey through The Secret World, Gazimoff visits The Savage Coast. From abandoned amusement parks and Illuminati academies, through to crafting his way to victory, find out what he discovered.

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Solomon Island, New England. Enshrouded by fog and home to a long history of evil events, it’s little wonder that the darkness threatening The Secret World chose this place to emerge. While our initial tour of Kingsmouth saw us beating back sea monsters and zombies, our journey through the Savage Coast experienced haunted carnival rides and demons from Hell.

In order to take on these tougher challenges, we had to tighten our skills and build some better gear. We also ended up tweaking our inventory so that drinks and buffs were just a click away. All the junk we accumulated went to good use, feeding our insatiable appetite for upgrades.

Later on, we’ll finish our tour of Solomon Island with a visit to Blue Mountain. We’ll also pay a visit to one or two of the early instances available. For now, sit back and enjoy the roller coaster ride through The Savage Coast.

Out of the Frying Pan

Situated in what was probably a picturesque part of the island before Hell erupted beneath it, the Overlook Motel was the first stop on our journey through the region. The area was swarming with demons, the air thick with portals to their fiery realm. Although we were tasked with sending these visitors to the island packing, sea monsters from Kingsmouth Harbor were also trying to extinguish them. It seemed that Hellspawn have few friends.

Venturing further into The Savage Coast, we took a detour through Solomon Island’s failed tourist trap, the long-abandoned Atlantic Island Park. We’ve had all the fun of the fair during a previous visit to the island, but it becomes all the more menacing when you’re alone. Our advice: take friends. 

The Savage Coast is also home to the prestigious Innsmouth Academy. To casual observers, the establishment is simply a private school for gifted teenagers, but behind the façade lays a long-standing Illuminati training facility. Alas, instead of being a stronghold from which we could fight back against the island’s many invaders, most of the students and faculty had joined the ranks of living dead. Those who had tried to flee to the mainland had been hunted down. 

You’d be forgiven in thinking that The Savage Coast was liberally coated with an assortment of ghostly professors, hellish demons, sea wandering Draug and the reanimated corpses of carnival clowns. Unfortunately, the forests to the north have one more abomination to haunt your dreams. Try to picture the terrifying hybrid of an arachnid buffalo, a single ripped wing stretching out from its back, and you might come close to the Ak’ab.

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