The Secret World: New Ability & Combat Vid!

Funcom shows us how it's done, as they take us through the various combat styles offered by The Secret World's Ability Wheel

Playing an MMO is full of choices. For example: do I set the zombie aflame using elemental magic, or do I pulverize it into mush with a huge hammer? From shotguns to slice-and-dice, it all comes down to personal preference.

To illustrate just how versatile the Ability Wheel is, Funcom has put together this great in-depth video, covering everything from the role of ability and skill points, through to creating killer builds. If you’ve been overwhelmed by the choice or baffled by how it works, the video also includes tips on ability synergy.

With another beta weekend coming up, now is the perfect time to plan out how you’re going to spend those ability and skill points!


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