Carnival of the Ascended: Phase 3 Begins on 3/14!

Rift's anniversary celebration rolls over to Phase 3 on Wednesday, March 14.

Phase 3 of Carnival of the Ascended is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 14. During this phase the revelers start to get rowdy and the factions begin to vandalize each other's dragon parades. Assist with rooting out saboteurs, stopping your opposition in its tracks and arresting drunken revelers to earn your Pyrite Doubloon and progress the goal for this phase.

Crafters and harvesters can help their local medics in gathering and preparing supplies for those who have become injured during the celebrations. Visit the Herald of Heroes in Shimmersand to hear his latest story during the Tales of the Ascended raid quests.

As tensions begin to rise a merchant with some shady goods opens up for business. Grab your pitchfork and head for the carnival!


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