February 21, 2012

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Formal Wristguard of the ConjurorModest Primarch CowlModest Lifewalker ArmwrapsScroll: Rotsil's Bite Rk. IIIAncient Ice BladesResplendent Great Sword OrnamentStillmoon Claw OrnamentationRavager's Claw OrnamentationRighteous Claw OrnamentationPhantasmic Chain Glove Seal of the ArcherPhantasmic Chain Chest Seal of the Foot SoldierMundane Mask

New Recipes: Phantasmic Chain Chest Seal of the Foot SoldierPhantasmic Chain Glove Seal of the ArcherModest Lifewalker ArmwrapsElegant Lifewalker ArmwrapsElegant Lifewalker ArmwrapsModest Primarch CowlElegant Primarch CowlElegant Primarch CowlSpell: Summer's Mist Rk. II

Updated Items: Rock Grendlaen HeadIdol of SeverilousPolymorph Wand: Rallosian GoblinRaw Rough HideRaw Crude HideGrandiose Legwraps of AlraScroll: Reborn AssassinGreater Alaran CantripCracked Shard of the BruteCarrion OfferingSpell: Summer's Mist Rk. IIHigh Quality Hynid HideTattered Hynid HideMedium Quality Hynid HideLow Quality Hynid HideEmbellished Legwraps of KolosJourneyman's Pocketed RucksackDwarf MeatTrophy of PhylacteriesFantastic Animal PeltImmaculate Animal PeltTrophy of the RoomsEmbellished Headdress of Kolos

Updated Quests: Raid Expedition: The Beast BelowRupkerr #3: A Cursed CureAppeasing a Teir'DalWhat Lies BelowRaid Expedition: Tick TockVOA Rank II Level 93 Spells: Median Alaran CantripVOA Rank II Level 95 Spells: Glowing Alaran CantripVOA Rank III Level 93 Spells: Median Alaran PeriaptVOA Rank III Level 95 Spells: Glowing Alaran PeriaptReclaiming ArgathHunters' BountySoothing the SpiritsThe Triune God


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