Downtime - February 17, 2012

All U.S. servers will come down on Friday, February 17, 2012 at 7am PST for a hotfix. The expected downtime is one hour. The full patch notes are available after the jump.


  • This update includes a speculative fix for the issues causing some assets, like NPC quest icons, not to appear correctly.


  • Mercenaries using the spell “Solar Flame” should no longer cause players to not be able to cast “Solar Flare”


  • Fixed a bug where an NPC could "double cast" a spell.

Vallon’s Tower [Challenge]

  • During the final Vallon Zek fight, only 2 Vallonite Aces will spawn per wave of adds.  Fighters will no longer be hit with Tactical Dilema during the fight.  Combat Doubt will no longer daze players.

Icy Keep: Retribution

  • Epic X3 and lower encounters found throughout the zone should no longer grey out when fought with a full raid force. This applies to the Statue of Ice Maiden, Statue of Tundra Beast, Frozen Corrival, and Ice Maiden D’Ina encounters.


  • When turning in relic patterns and gems from Kingdom of Sky raid zones beastlords should no longer be told the incorrect components.

The City of Freeport

  • “Jezranaz’s Hideous Locket” can again be completed.
  • Tarakh will now show quest icons over his head for the quest “Natasha’s Note.”
  • “The Unfortunate Earth” can again be completed.

Source: EQII Forums


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