Terra Millitaris: Birthright Coming March 2012

Gala Networks Europe has announced that Birthright, the upcoming expansion for Terra Militaris will launch in March 2012! This new expansion will bring a premium Nobility feature, a new friend system, a new dungeon filled with new items and rewards, as well as a new server for all four supported languages.

  • The new Nobility System will allow players to upgrade their account through three levels of nobility. By doing this, the player will unlock automatic systems that allow nobles to automate basic tasks, thereby allowing you to truly unleash your inner war lord.
  • The revamped friend system will bring a plethora of ways to encourage teamwork and cooperation while rewarding players with unlockable bonuses and mechanics. There are five Friend Levels (that sounds more complex than making friends in real life!) and each level brings new unlocked bonuses, improvements, and access to new items.
  • The new dungeon being introduced, Fate's Labyrinth, is a unique lottery dungeon that, for a small amount of in-game gold, rewards players with the chance to win powerful equipment, resources, and in-game items. Players with access to the new Nobility System will be able to access extra rewards!

March is only one short month away, and what better month to have to get through than the shortest month of the year?!


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