Aion Kicks Off Atreian Winter Festival

You gotta give credit where it's due: those marketing heads at NCsoft really know how to dress up a Double EXP / Double Drop weekend event with fancy words! Aion's Atreian Winter Festival is landing for the month of January, and with it comes, well, Double EXP / Double Drop weekends for January 13 - 16, January 20 - 23, and January 27 - 30.

I suppose you could say that this particular event derives its "Winter Festival" motif from the Daru Fur Set that is currently on sale for a limited time in the NCsoft store for a mere $9.99. This offer will only be available from January 11 - February 1, so if you want to maximize your celebration partaking, consider picking up the Daru Fur Set and then going out to level up / hunt for loot every weekend. Super celebrations!

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