Aion Kicks Off Shugo Event Showcase!

If there's one thing everyone loves, it's free swag and double experience events. Well, this month leading up to Cyber Monday on November 28th, Aion is ramping up thier Shugo Event Showcase, an amazing series of in-game promotions ranging from free loot, double XP, abyss point and rifting bonuses, and even a special half-off deal for the Shugo Lad Pack companion in the NCstore.

The first third of the event, simply called the "Play Every Day Deals," will see a new and improved adventurer guide system (more survey items?), as well as free items for players who play Aion for a certain amount of time each day. At the moment, from November 16 to November 23, players who play for at least 2 hours will automatically receive an arena ticket in their inventory. From November 23 to November 30, players who play for at least 4 hours will receive a free bonus Enchantment Stone box. Finally, from November 30 to December 7, anyone who players for at least 6 hours will receive a free bonus Manastone box. Throughout all of these days, Aion will also be running with Double EXP for gathering, crafting, and slaying, as well as running Abyss Point and Rifting Promotions.

From November 23 to November 30, Aion will be running a special "Daru Days" event. Players will be able to collect a "Silver Fur Daru" set to keep them warm in their adventures.

Finally on November 28 only, players can get half off on the Shugo Lad companion pet from the NCstore. Normally priced at $19.99, be sure to grab this 24-slot storage pet for a mere $9.99.

Oh, and one last thing... There's a trailer for this event. It's an odd trailer. Don't even ask about the trailer.

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