Lineage II Expansion and F2P to Launch Nov. 30th

You might remember that Lineage II announced they would be going "Trule" Free-to-Play two weeks ago, well, it seems like that date is coming up faster than you might think. Today, NCsoft has announced that Lineage II will launching its Goddess of Destruction expansion and be going Truly Free-to-Play on November 30th, 2011. Along with this expansion comes a new web-based levelling guide and item shop, called Path of Awakening, where players can get tips and limited gear to assist them in their push for L2's higher levels.

Also new to Lineage II are Exploration Packs, which can be purchased int he L2 Galleria Item Shop. There are three Exploration Packs to purchase: the Discovery Pack, the Adventure Pack, and the Destiny Pack. The Discovery Pack will be for casual players with limited time, so it will include a number of support items, and special bonuses like R-grade Weapon Seal Scrolls, and an R-grade Top-Grade Life Stone. The Adventure Pack will include all of the items fromt he adventure pack, but will also include an R-grade Weapon Enchant Scroll and more support items. Finally, the Destiny Pack will include all of the above, including a special item that changes with every month.

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