Cells of Darkness Update arrives in Rusty Hearts

Lots of new things coming in this Rusty Hearts content update: Cells of Darkness, including a new level cap of 36 (who thinks of these numbers, and why?), as well as new dungeons, the Conservatory, the Arboretum, the Quarantined Labs, and the Debtor's Prison. Also with this update comes a pile of new weapons and abilities for Rusty Hearts' cast of four, in addition to "intense side quests" (their words, not mine), new story quests, a creepy new pet system and other big, expansive content.

To celebrate the launch of their new update, the Rusty Hearts team is launching a bunch of new challenges for players to take on. The top 50 completion times on Debtor's Prison (Very Hard) will receive 2 Dark Thread Balls and 2 Fabric Imbued with Magic. The top three competitors will receive bug costumes. Yes, that's right, bug costumes. There are also prizes to be won in Quaratined Labs, with the top 20 runs with the highest style in less than 5 minutes receiving the prize of 1 Silver Thread Ball and 2 Great Solvents, while players who bring 3 pets to level 30 will receive 1 Perm Conditioner, 1 Hair Cream, and 1 Conditioner.

This event ends on November 18th, 11:59pm PDT, so you'll probably want to get crackin'.


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