Rusty Hearts showcases upcoming skills in CoD

New skills are making their way into Rusty Hearts' Cells of Darkness content update. This week, they've chosen to highlight one new addition for each character, with Tude getting a "Mount" skill (tee hee) that allows him to jump on an enemy, smashing them into the ground. Frantz gets an ultra-flashy AoE skill called "Hands of Hell," that allows him to slow his enemies while also leeching life. Natasha gets some awesome "Gatling Pistols," which allows her to lay down some serious suppressing fire. Finally, Angela gets something ridiculously shiny, called a "Blinding Beam," which is basically a point-blank super nuke that also burns your retinas.

Look for these new skills and more in Rusty Hearts' upcoming content update, Cells of Darkness!


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