DDO's Update 12 to launch on November 9th

When it comes to new and breaking information, I'll admit that sometimes I have no idea what to do with it. For example, today I went on a tour of DDO's Update 12: Vaults of the Artificers through all of those lovely challenges (I almost refused to end one portion of the tour because I wanted to shoot for three or four stars...). Now, I know that a lot of tour information has already been released by various other sites, so I cheekily asked my guides, Executive Producer Fernando Paiz and Producer Erik Boyer, if they could tell me something brand new. So they did. They also said they would be telling everyone else very soon, so I panicked and now here I am with my precious information.

Now I can say you heard it here first...ish! DDO's Update 12 will be officially shipping on November 9th. Stay tuned this week or early next week for ZAM's "much more entertaining than anyone else's*" in-game tour of Update 12!

*Higher level of entertainment not guaranteed. Vaguely promised.


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