Lineage II announces "Truly Free" business model

NCsoft is planning to reinvigorate Lineage II with a brand new free-to-play business model along with the launch of their Goddess of Destruction expansion

Perhaps not the most surprising news, given the industry's recent shift to the free-to-play business model, but it's still interesting to see how each development team approaches the concept of being "free" to play. For some, going free-to-play means installing a more robust free trial system, but for Lineage II, one of the oldest and most influential of MMORPGs in the early 2000s, going free-to-play isn't good enough. They need to go... Truly Free (Capital T, Capital F). To act on those words, NCsoft has announced that Lineage II's upcoming Goddess of Destruction expansion will be absolutely free for all players to access, in addition to a revamped starter area, new redesigned zones, new game guides, and even free booster packs for those struggling to make it to the cap.

All free.

This obviously raises some questions about the real logistics (what about veterans subscribers? will there be 'tiers' of player subscriptions?) behind the shift, so be sure to head over to our exclusive interview with Lineage II's Associate Producer, Nico Coutant, and Executive VP of Publishing, Matt Turetzky. You can also check out the L2 F2P FAQ for more information!

Lineage® II Goddess of Destruction Launch Brings An Unequaled, Truly Free Gaming Experience

New business model and massive content update reinvigorates Lineage II

Seattle, WA - November 1, 2011 - NCsoft®, the world's premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today reveals the details behind Lineage® II's new business model which enables anyone to play the game truly free later this year. Coupled with Goddess of Destruction, the largest update to the game in its history - more than 400 hours of new content - Lineage II will offer players an unprecedented value unmatched in the entertainment industry. 

Unique among MMO offerings in the west, Lineage II will be available to players completely free - there will be no restricted zones, no limited class selection and no gear stuck behind a pay wall. Players will enjoy a superior Lineage II gaming experience that features a new shared starting area along with new and redesigned zones. New game guides are available at key milestones of a character's career to provide advice along with free booster packs to enable rapid progression.

As players make their journey from level 1-99, they will have the opportunity to buy supplemental in-game items and premium item packs from the L2 Store™ that provide significant bonuses and improvements to accelerate their character's progression. Upon reaching level 85, players will experience the game's all new classes, skills, bosses and zones that amplify epic castle sieges, arena-style battles and more, all for free.

"Launching Lineage II as a Truly Free player experience is a reflection of our vision to provide players with the most accessible business model for each of our titles," said Matt Turetzky, Executive Vice President, NCsoft West. "You've seen with the recent release of City of Heroes Freedom and through our successful portfolio of games that we are capable of supporting multiple business models.  Not only does the Lineage II Truly Free concept introduce yet another unique business model to the industry, but it provides players with a very enticing entry point to experience the exciting new content coming with the Goddess of Destruction update."

The new Lineage II business model and Goddess of Destruction will launch together later this year. More information can be found here



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