Dragon Nest Unleashes the Hellhound Update

Starting today, Dragon Nest players will get to experience a new end-game nest encounter, a ghoulish new PvP mode and a variety of Halloween-themed in-game events as part of the game’s October content update. Here are the details:

  • Cerberus, a monstrous three-headed canine and guardian of Hell, has been released from the Abyss. Fight him in the new Cerberus Nest dungeon for some epic loot.
  • The new “Ghoul Mode” is now available in the Arena channel. It can be played on the PvP map “Silent Square.”
  • There are new Halloween events! Players can earn Halloween coupons by hunting Pumpkin Ducks in dungeons, and then redeem them for a variety of wearable pumpkin helmets. In the Dragon Vault, players who want to get into the spirit of the Halloween season will have a wide variety of new costumes to choose from.

Dragon Nest officially launched last month. Head over to our Dragon Nest Armory site to search through our databases and try out our skill calculators!


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