Ninjago Expansion Spins Into LEGO Universe

LEGO Universe's massive Ninjago expansion is now live, and it's free for premium members. The new Ninjago Monastery zone is under attack by a Skeleton army led by the evil Lord Garmadon, and players will need to master the four types of Spinjitzu (Earth, Lightning, Ice and Fire) to protect one of the game's biggest worlds.

The Ninjago expansion raises the level cap to 45 and adds more than 100 new missions to the game, as well as new gear and items. In addition, the Ninjago Monestary zones feature a variety of areas and games:

  • Ninjago Battlefield: The Skeletons are attacking the Monastery, and players need to smash them by building Archery Targets to launch volleys of Imagination-tipped arrows.
  • The Monastery Courtyard: Inside the Monastery’s fortified walls, things are a little more peaceful. You’ll find some familiar friends as well as some brand-new Ninjago characters and vendors.
  • The Four Gardens of Spinjitzu: Explore peaceful, mysterious gardens of Earth, Lightning, Ice and Fire. Each one contains a different puzzle, and you'll need to master them to claim the protective Dragon Relics for Sensei Wu.
  • The Four Dojos of Spinjitzu: Cole, Jay, Zane and Kai await you in four Dojos, each one devoted to a different element of Spinjitzu. And each Dojo contains its own set of traps, platforming challenges and multiplayer puzzles in the Attics up above.
  • The Ninjago Caverns: It’s Skeletons vs Ninjas, and the prize is definitely worth fighting for: the Weapons of Spinjitzu!
  • Frakjaw Battle!: Frakjaw is trying to claim the Sword of Fire. Luckily, you can bring up to 3 friends to face him down in this epic boss battle instance.


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